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Despicable Deeds Committed by Policeman Guo Hongtao From Jining City, Shandong Province

July 22, 2002 |   By practitioners in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Guo Hongtao is the Section Chief of the Central District Police Station in Jining City, Shandong Province. He is about 38 years old. Since July 20th, 1999, Guo Hongtao has directly participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, their relatives, and work units. After two long years of investigation, we hereby expose the despicable deeds he and his cohorts have committed, and let all kindhearted people be the judge of their actions.

On several occasions, Guo Hongtao has directly participated in and organized illegal activities to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. These activities include: kidnapping, detaining, arresting, beating, and brutally torturing practitioners at mental wards, forced labor camps, and brainwashing classes. He has also participated in numerous illegal break-ins of Falun Gong practitioner's homes and has stolen their personal property in the process.

Based on information gathered thus far, there have been over 1,000 cases of brutality against Falun Gong practitioners in Jining City since the persecution started three years ago. Dozens of practitioners have been sent to labor camps (with the longest detention lasting more than 22 months), while several dozen more have been forced to leave their homes and go from place to place in order to relieve the pressure on their families. Several practitioners have been forcefully sent to the Daizhuang Mental Hospital, where they were injected with nerve damaging drugs, and hundreds have been forcefully sent to brainwashing classes, where they were subjected to severe torture. One practitioner was arrested, detained, and tortured a dozen times. Still, countless more practitioners and their family members have been laid off from work, kicked out of school, and stripped of their Party and Youth League memberships. And in an even more horrific case, practitioner Liu Xuguo was tortured to death at the Jining Detention Center. All of these atrocities have occurred under the direction of Section Chief Guo Hongtao.

Over the past three years, Guo Hongtao and his cohorts have stolen the personal property of Falun Gong practitioners on several hundred different occasions. They robbed one family alone more than ten times. The total sum of all of the stolen properties amounts to more than 10 million Yuan (approximately 1.5 million $US), and includes automobiles, motorcycles, motorized transport tricycles, bicycles, computers, TVs, cell phones, pagers, VCRs, typewriters, copiers, fax machines, bank books, savings bonds, stock certificates, and cash. Other cases of using coercive and threatening means to obtain food and free meals from the practitioners and their families are so numerous that they cannot be fully accounted for.

Guo Hongtao and his cohorts have deceived their superiors and bullied the common Chinese people without restraint. They have broken into the homes of Falun Gong practitioners any time they felt like it, and never bothered to show police identification or search warrants. Once inside, they ransacked the homes at will. If they found any Falun Gong related materials in the process, they would immediately arrest everyone and detain them anywhere from 10 to 15 days. They wouldn't bother to interrogate them since they knew they would be unable obtain any information. Instead, they would discretely notify at least three separate family members of the practitioners and ask them to bail out their loved ones at a cost of 10,000 Yuan (about 20 months of an average urban worker's wages), not including additional gifts and meals. They kept all of the bail money for themselves and never gave any receipts. They regularly broke into Falun Gong practitioners' homes during the middle of the night, taking any valuables in sight, even loose change.

We strongly demand that these criminals be prosecuted under the law, and we call for the unconditional release of all Falun Gong practitioners currently being illegally detained in detention centers, labor camps, and mental institutes. Give them back their legal rights and return all confiscated personal property and valuables that you have stolen. Neither the constitution of our country nor the law of cosmos will not tolerate such despicable acts.

We have gathered a large amount of information on the criminal policemen in Jining City, including their home addresses, work units, telephone numbers, and pager numbers. We will soon provide a running list of all the perpetrators working in the Jining City police department. We shall continue our efforts in clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to the people of China without letting up, until all of the truth becomes known.

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