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Conversations Overheard Reveal People's Opinions

July 02, 2002 |  


The rumor-fabricating media in China is becoming so ridiculous that even the most loyal communists don't believe their propaganda anymore. A practitioner's colleague said, "The propaganda stuff goes in one ear and out the other; no one takes them seriously, like in 1999." Commenting on the report that "Falun Gong plans to kidnap 500 young boys and girls," a fellow employee said, "I don't believe that! This lie is too ridiculous to believe. No way!"

During a casual conversation among co-workers, a lady said that after retirement she wants to enroll in a university for senior citizens and have some fun learning. A practitioner told her, "By the time you retire, the persecution of Falun Gong will have been stopped long ago and you will be able to practice Falun Gong every day in the park." The lady said, "That's right, after I retire, the first thing I will do is to study Falun Dafa. I really hope that justice will come soon!"

In the Northeast, a practitioner displays banners and other expressions loyal to Dafa in his house. Upon hearing this, the head of the local police station and several officers came to his house and saw Master Li's picture and other banners on the wall. When a police officer attempted to destroy the pictures and banners, the head of the police stopped him and said, "Don't do it. I think they are really good." The officer immediately backed off without a fuss.

Two women were chatting. One said, "Nowadays, the tax collection officials are like bandits. If the shop owner does not present them with something, they will arbitrarily remove valuables from the store to their truck." Another said, "Good people are easy targets for bullying. A Falun Gong practitioner in my village has done all good things and nothing bad, but he was sentenced to a one year stay in a forced labor camp. There are many persons who are committing bad deeds, but no police are trying to punish them.