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Passing Tests with Righteous Thoughts, Looking Inward and Purifying Ourselves during Fa-Rectification

July 18, 2002 |   By a Hong Kong practitioner


"With righteous thoughts and righteous actions
He is diligent without letting up
Eliminating demons that damage the Fa
He is good to all beings" (A Righteous God)

During Jiang's visit to Hong Kong, from June 30 to July 1, practitioners around the world sent forth more righteous thoughts with pure hearts to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions controlling the vicious people. Practitioners conducted peaceful appeals and clarified the truth to the public. On July 2, practitioners held a group practice in Haibin and witnessed the marvelous sight of Falun. Practitioners from all over the world gathered together to study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and share experiences.

The entire experience sharing was relaxing, lively and sacred. After studying the Fa, practitioners shared their cultivation experiences. The majority of the topics were related to going through tribulations, looking inwards, getting rid of attachments, and sending forth righteous thoughts with the most pure hearts etc.

A practitioner from Australia described her experience. When she had put down her attachments and passed one test, another test would arrive, and every test touched her heart. Before arriving in Hong Kong, her husband provided many obstacles for her. Namely, her husband did not support her financially, so she borrowed money from some one else; her husband said that business was heavy, so she worked overtime; her husband said it was dangerous in Hong Kong, and did not want her to go there. When her heart was not even a little bit moved her husband changed his attitude. While traveling to the airport, he offered to reimburse the practitioner who loaned her the money for the airplane ticket. She passed all the tests with her husband, and then faced one from customs. She enlightened that if our hearts are on the Fa, we can pass any test. The entire time she was on the airplane, she recited Teacher's article, "A Righteous God." When she went to immigration, her mind was full of "A Righteous God," and nothing else. The customs officer stamped her passport as he talked to another person.

In the afternoon, after the practitioners came back from the court hearing, 5 of the 16 practitioners from Hong Kong and Switzerland who joined the appeal outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong shared their experiences about the protest, and about the unreasonable trial. The group understood that we always need to look inward, watch our conduct in daily life all the time, and purify ourselves constantly.

A Swiss practitioner spoke briefly about the reasons for conducting the protest, and explained the false accusations the police made about "obstructing the police" and "blocking traffic." He also talked about the tests he went through from everything he experienced since March. He also expressed his understanding about sending forth righteous thoughts in court. He enlightened to the fact that we should have the same aim when sending forth righteous thoughts, and that only by sending the most pure thoughts will it be very powerful as a whole.

A female Hong Kong practitioner viewed the loopholes she found in her cultivation from three aspects. Being unclear on the Fa made many practitioners emphasize the formality rather than the meaning. For lack of purity in their hearts, many practitioners were disturbed by their human notions in this situation, and not having sufficient compassion made them forgot the policemen were also sentient beings that Dafa practitioners needed to save. We can do better if we think more of others, and pay attention to the small matters. She enlightened that the reason why this matter dragged on so long was because we have not achieved a state wherein we are "solid like diamond." When we can be more mindful of our conduct in our daily lives, cultivate compassion well, and have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, in the moment when we are in the media's focus we can take the situation as a good opportunity to clarify the truth and save more sentient beings. Several other Hong Kong practitioners that had protested also shared their experiences of looking inwards. Many other practitioners also shared their understandings on the topic in a warm and friendly discussion.

The experience sharing was successfully completed at 10 p.m. that night.