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Further Facts Regarding the Death Case of Dafa Practitioner Hao Runjuan, Fatally Tortured at Baiyun District Detention Center of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

July 11, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Hao Runjuan, female, was illegally arrested on February 25, 2002 and was tortured to death on March 18, 2002. In a 22 day period, Hao Runjuan suffered all kinds of brutal torture.

After Hao Runjuan was illegally arrested on February 25, 2002, Jingtai police station personnel brutally beat her, continuously, for three days, and withheld water and food. Three days later, she was taken against her will into Guangzhou City Baiyun Detention Center and was held in cell A211.

In order to resist such illegal detention and to help more people know about the truth of Falun Gong, Hao Runjuan persistently practiced the Falun Gong exercises and studied the Fa in her cell every day. She patiently clarified the truth to the common criminals in the cell and had always been on a hunger strike, taking no food and no water, to protest the persecution.

The police added some unknown yellow drug when they force-fed Hao Runjuan; following each force-feeding, Hao Runjuan couldn't stop vomiting and vomited something like phlegm.

As soon as Hao Runjuan practiced the exercises, the guards would immediately shackle both her feet in irons and fix the shackles onto the cement floor so that she could not move (it's called "connected rings and fixed shackles"). Because of such methods of brutal treatment, Hao Runjuan became extremely weak and lost control of her bladder and bowels.

Hao Runjuan had never cooperated with any arrangement, order or command of the vicious scoundrels. Instead, she persistently protested the persecution with a hunger strike. Even when Hao Runjuan had lost control of her bowels and bladder, the police still replaced the shackles with even thicker and heavier ones, thick as a wrist. Hao Runjuan suffered tremendous pain.

The guards in the detention center also used the common criminals to persecute Dafa practitioners. Through withholding common criminals' letters from home, forbidding common criminals to buy daily necessary goods, and other means, they made the common criminals hate Dafa practitioners, forced common criminals to abuse, beat and curse Dafa practitioners. Common criminals watched Hao Runjuan around the clock. Whenever she said, "Falun Dafa is Good," someone would clamp a hand over her mouth and nose. Sometimes she could not even make a sound and couldn't breathe when the common criminals covered her mouth with a dirty piece of cloth. Once, when Hao Runjuan was practicing the exercises, the common criminals beat her hands with shoes; they beat her so hard that the shoe flew off. Another time, in order to stop Hao Runjuan from practicing the exercises, the guards even cuffed her hands behind her back, with one hand coming down from the shoulder and connecting to the other hand coming up from the lower back. This was excruciatingly painful and caused dislocation of one of her shoulders.

During this period, while still wearing heavy shackles, Hao Runjuan was often dragged out for interrogation. Every night she was not permitted to sleep; just like this, after repeated torture for 22 days, Hao Runjuan's young life was forcibly taken away. Her two-year-old child lost a mother; the husband sadly lost his beloved wife and the elderly parents could no longer see their beloved daughter.

After Hao Runjuan was tortured to death, the police authorities autopsied the body while the family members were unaware of anything at all, although the law requires the signature of a family member to approve an autopsy. When the family was notified to identify the body, the body had become completely unrecognizable, but there were still fresh, red bloodstains on it. Because the body was so disfigured, none of her family members believed it was Hao Runjuan, even after seeing the body twice. Then, the family had to bring the two-year-old son for a DNA blood test to prove the body was truly the mother. Finally it was confirmed that the body that was completely unrecognizable was that of Hao Runjuan.

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Guangzhou Baryon Detention Center:

The police ID number of the female chief of the detention center: 030576

The police ID number of the deputy chief of the detention center: 030586

The police ID number of the prison guard of cell 211: 030594