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What Were the Germany and Iceland Events Teaching Us?

July 11, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In April this year, using lies and tempting world leaders with promises of trade deals by Jiang's political regime, the German government exerted pressure and created interference for the Dafa disciples arriving from many countries for peaceful appeals. When Dafa disciples traveled to Iceland for peaceful appeals when Jiang visited in June, they were once again unreasonably obstructed, this time unexpectedly by the Icelandic government . The existence of a blacklist and its use by a democratic country shocked western society.

In the Iceland event, although the majority of the Icelandic people firmly opposed their government's wrong decision, the negative impact of the event did fall to a certain extent on the Icelandic people as it is difficult to distinguish the responsibilities of a democratic government and her people. The actions displayed by the Icelandic officials could bring harm to the people of other countries if their governments also followed this bad example, and our difficulties in saving sentient beings would increase.

As Dafa disciples we know there is a cause behind everything. The Fa-rectification process is rapidly moving forward, if we can eliminate the evil's obstruction and interference, think deeply and rationally, and look within for our problems in order to rid ourselves of them, this would break the old forces' arrangements while we upgrade ourselves at the same time. If we ignore the real excuses of the old forces for arranging this persecution due to our possible attachments or omissions, then who will become the victims to be used by the old forces to make trouble and harm people?

We fundamentally do not acknowledge the evil forces' arrangements. However, when they insist on doing what they have arranged, how can we better break the arrangements?

Teacher said in "Touring North America to Teach the Fa":

"... if this disciple has taken a righteous path and conducted himself well and someone still dares to persecute him, it doesn't matter that they're the old forces or what the old principles are--I absolutely won't spare them. There are countless righteous Gods by my side, too! And I also have countless Law Bodies who do Fa-rectification. My only concern is that Dafa disciples themselves won't be firm inside; when there's some kind of attachment, some kind of fear, or what not, then the old forces see it and take advantage of the omissions and persecute them." "You must consciously and clearly recognize the evil beings' persecution. They're truly doing bad things. It's best that Dafa disciples walk their own paths righteously and not allow the evil to seize any excuse to persecute you."

Then, why was there another event occurring after the Germany interference? The old forces insisted on making these so-called tests. Which of our attachments did they intend to target?

We should utilize the discussions that generated as a result of the Germany and Iceland situations, upgrade ourselves as a whole entity as quickly as we can and do better with the works of clarifying the truth and saving people. This is a serious matter that every overseas disciple should act upon immediately.