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Follow the Cosmic Climate and Position Ourselves Righteously As A Whole

June 08, 2002 |   By a practitioner in Canada

(Clearwisdom.net) I feel that our trip to Europe is to create a field within the Three Realms that eliminates the evil under the grand cosmic climate. Every disciple who can go to Europe will take a position in this field, and disciples who cannot go will also take a position in the field. When all the disciples as a whole have positioned themselves righteously, it will be the moment that the evil goes down into the Gate of No-Life.

Before yesterday, I had always thought that going to Europe would be effective only after gaining great improvements in understanding of Fa principles. However, I did not realize how to improve myself and what it means to break through the old forces' arrangements. Especially when I judged from the standpoint of "me," I thought that if I don't go to Europe and it's not because I can't give up human attachment to fame, fortune and sentimentality, then I would feel perfectly at ease with not going (although I am able to go).

Yesterday, I read a fellow practitioner's article on Clearwisdom where he said, "On the day of April 25, 1999, practitioner(s) who had their celestial eye open saw that Gods all over the cosmos were sitting solemnly in heaven and waiting for Dafa practitioners on earth to position themselves righteously, and rectify the Fa." I suddenly understood the two words "position righteously." Master said, "Without human action happening under cosmic changes, such conditions would not have been brought to ordinary human society, and neither would they be called cosmic changes." ("The Issue of Killing," Zhuan Falun) We clarify the truth and expose the evil in China and abroad, and our actions as a whole are going along with changes in the cosmic climate. Right now, the evil has already "completely ruin their chances of survival," ("Entering the Gate of No-life") so it's time for it to enter the Gate of No-Life. We, Dafa practitioners in the human world, must position ourselves righteously as a whole at this point in time when the cosmic climate is right, so that the evil would have no place to hide. As individuals, our cultivation level is no longer important. What's important is that, as a particle in a great body, at the pre-arranged time, everybody has to reach the position we should be at. Then we can act as a whole body and follow the cosmic climate, and that will be the time when the evil enters the Gate of No-Life.

Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate in this article. Heshi.