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Washington DC Practitioners Attend US East Dragon Boat Regatta (Photos)

June 07, 2002 |   By Washington DC Practitioner

On May 25 and 26, Washington DC practitioners attended the US East Dragon Boat Regatta held on the Potomac River. Eight professional teams and 37 amateur teams, plus several thousand of their cheering fans, gathered at the Potomac River for this event.

Young practitioners from Washington DC Minghui School
Demonstrating Dafa exercises Introducing Falun Dafa to tourists Meditation
Falun Dafa team posing for group photo Making new friends

Before the game, some people questioned the eligibility of the Falun Gong team in the game. The organizing committee replied clearly, "The Chinese government has put them in a difficult situation, but in the US we will not do that."

After the first round of competition on May 25, a grand reception was held in the Double Oak Tree Garden. All teams and associations got together and watched art performances. Falun Gong practitioners' exercise demonstration won warm applause.

Over ten thousand people participated in the two-day activities. Falun Gong practitioners also participated in various volunteer services. Their compassionate attitude left a deep impression on many tourists.