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Policemen from Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province Relentlessly Torture Kong Xiangzhu in an Attempt To Force Him to Renounce Falun Gong

June 30, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of the 1st of May 2002, the policemen from the Criminal Police Unit of Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province, tricked 28-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Kong Xiangzhu into going to a construction site, where he was then kidnapped. The next day Kong's family learned that Kong Xiangzhu was in the hospital and undergoing emergency treatment. When Kong's family rushed to the hospital, Kong Xiangzhu had already been taken into the operating room. However, the person who signed the medical consensus form allowing the operation to go ahead was actually the policeman who had tortured Kong for the whole night in order to force him to write a statement [renouncing Falun Gong].

In the hospital, Kong was barely conscious, and even now he is still unable to speak clearly. Although he was in such a state, he was still handcuffed. Because of the procedures carried out before and after the operation Kong Xiangzhu was almost naked, wearing only his underpants, so you could see at a glance the scars on his body. His entire body was black and blue, and his back was burnt as if he had been lying on an electric stove (This was the result of repeated shocks with electric batons). The flesh on Kong's neck was separated from the bone. Six days after the operation the stitches still could not be removed. However, the policemen had him in fetters and locked him to the end of his bed. As a result, Kong was unable to turn over in bed and he was kept in this condition for three to four days. On the second day after his stitches were being removed he was taken back to the detention center. At that time Kong had just had an operation on his stomach and still hadn't recovered. After Kong was taken back to the detention center, the prison guards forbade others from talking to Kong.

It is said that the cause of this ordeal is the fact that the policemen suspected that he was involved in broadcasting Falun Dafa truth-clarifying programs (about the self-immolation etc.) via Shuangyashan City's cable TV system. On June 13th the criminal police unit issued an arrest warrant against Kong and said that Kong would be handed over to the procuratorate and the court.

Names of the vicious policemen who were involved in persecuting, beating, kidnapping and torturing Kong Xiangzhu:

Head of Jianshan District Criminal Police Unit Zhai Shengli Tel: 86-469-4273152

Member of the unit: Du Yongbo

Men Yongfeng

Head of Jianshan District Preliminary Hearing Section: Huang Dechen Tel: 86-469-4273152

List of vicious people in Shuangyashan City:

Director of Shuangyashan City "610 Office" Yu Yongjiang 86-469-4282610 (Home)

Director of Shuangyashan City Propaganda Department Li Min 86-469-4224558 (Work)

Head of Shuangyashan City Public Security Bureau Ling Qingfan 86-469-4274079 (Home)

Head of Jianshan Public Security Sub-bureau Ling Dawei 86-469-4274848 (Home)

Jianshan "610 Office" Hongchen

Jixian Mining Bureau "610 Office" Li Liandong

Mining Bureau "610 Office" Chen Qibin 86-469-4230000 ext 62402

Mining Bureau "610 Office" Qi Weiping 86-469-4230000 ext 63769

Mining Bureau Public Security Branch Office Jiang Yao 86-469-4230000 ext 62751

Lingdong District "610 Office" of Shuangyashan City Wang Jianrong

Head of Lingdong Public Security Sub-bureau Wang Shu

Political-legal Office, Lingdong Public Security Sub-bureau Zhong Min

Political-security Office, Lingdong Public Security Sub-bureau Zhang Shouren

Party Secretary of Forest Department of Mining Group Zhang Baorong 86-13039756086 (mobile) 86-469-4350681 (Home)

Deputy Party Secretary of Forest Department of Mining Group Chen Shaobin 86-13009786736 (mobile) 86-469-4232739, 4013592 (Home)

Party Branch Secretary of Forest Department of Mining Group Li Chuanhai 86-469-4013680, 4462165 (Home)

Commission for Inspecting Discipline of Forest Department of Mining Group Geng Tiegang 86-469-4012849 (work), 4226027 (Home)

Security Section of Forest Department of Mining Group Zhang Xuesong 86-469-4012208, 4276483 (Home)

Fire Prevention Office of Forest Department of Mining Group Sun Shaohua 86-469-4283482

Pan Hongkui 86-469-4227509 (Home)

Shuangyashan City Detention Centre Dong Xuecheng 86-13946667010 (Mobile), 86-469-4014354, 4014357 (Work)

Section Police of Fuan Substation, Shuangyashan City Zhu Weidong

Section Police of Wohongqiao Substation, Shangyashan City Wang Xuchun

Section Police of Wohongqiao Substation, Shangyashan City Wuyifeng

Section Police of Jixian Mine Substation Yin Changhong