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Series Report from Eastern Europe: St. Petersburg, Russia

June 28, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.Net) While gathering in St. Petersburg, many Dafa disciples sent forth righteous thoughts to clean out the factors in other dimensions manipulating the Chinese dictator and I was honored to take part in this activity. There were a lot of touching stories from those few days.

"The stronger the righteous thoughts, the greater the power" ("Also in a Few Words")

In St. Petersburg, disciples scattered in various places to send forth righteous thoughts. One day a group of police officers came to a building where many disciples were going to send righteous thoughts. Everyone stayed calm and continued to send forth righteous thoughts. The police went away after they found nothing wrong there. All disciples knew exactly how things stood. This is the mighty power of righteous thoughts: When the environment is right, the evil factors existing in other dimensions do not dare to take action.

"Predestined relationship spanning endless lifetimes, Each connected by the thread of Dafa." ("The Difficult Path to Godhood")

Teacher has told us to do three things well -- study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth. While sending forth righteous thoughts we should not forget to study the Fa. Therefore, we read the Fa in unison. Besides studying the Fa, it also strengthened the righteous thoughts in our environment. At that time there were about seventy Chinese and Western practitioners. One Chinese practitioner suggested that everyone read Zhuan Falun in their native language. One western practitioner said in that case, the voices of the Chinese would drown out the other languages and disturb non-Chinese practitioners. The final decision was to read one paragraph in each language and Zhuan Falun was read in Russian, Swedish, English and Chinese in turn. Immediately, the atmosphere became peaceful and harmonious. It was just as Teacher said in "Difficult path to Godhood": "Predestined relationship spanning endless lifetimes, Each connected by the thread of Dafa."

"Sweep across the rotten demons who sought to ruin the Fa" ("The Heavens Became Clear Again")

While in the process of continually and powerfully sending forth righteous thoughts, some disciples did it in a state of "Ding" [deep tranquil meditation with an alert consciousness], lasting for two or three hours. The depth of tranquility may be different for each person. My main consciousness was clear. I knew what was happening around me but nothing could disturb me while sending forth righteous thoughts. I felt the effects were strong enough to eliminate a great amount of evil.

When there was news that the evil factors in other dimensions that controlled the chief evil were very weak, we continued to unremittingly send forth righteous thoughts. Although it was about 3 a.m. and some practitioners felt tired, we still concentrated our energy on constantly sending forth righteous thoughts. At that moment, we were not too concerned about sitting in the double-lotus position. We all knew clearly that the key was to send forth the purest righteous thoughts. The Great Tao is formless: any shape or form can be used by Dafa. Therefore, some practitioners single-crossed their legs, some sat on chairs and some remained standing. The common concern was to use one's own state of righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors in the universe that have been undermining Dafa.

At present, the evil is on its last legs and we shall work ceaselessly and unremittingly to eliminate these evil factors in other dimensions.