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Displaying the Goodness of Falun Dafa in the Capital of Estonia

June 26, 2002 |  

June 20, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) From June 11 - 17, I joined some other Australian practitioners who had been traveling in Europe to visit the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. We studied the Fa and reviewed Master's latest articles. We often sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that controlled the head of the evil. At the same time, we deeply clarified the truth to local government and media officials.

The Press Conference

One day we happened to meet two other western practitioners, one from America and one from Germany. We worked very well together. We had just met and could not fully communicate using any language. No local Dafa practitioners were available, and we were not familiar with the local customs and geography. We overcame these obstacles and successfully managed to hold a press conference the next day in the same hotel where Jiang's entourage stayed. All major media in Estonia attended. We came to understand that when each of us did what the Fa required without pursuit, everything that was needed would be there. We were shown the mighty power of Dafa everywhere around us.

Spreading the Fa at the Summer Bazaar

On Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16, Tallinn held its Summer Bazaar. The square in front of city hall was abuzz with a bazaar brimming with merchants selling their wares. The square was full of people, as were the outdoor cafes and restaurants whose brightly colored umbrellas could be seen around the square. People even came from neighboring countries. It was a very busy site. After Dafa practitioners spread the Fa to the manager of the market, and he quickly agreed to let us demonstrate the exercises for the whole day on the market stage without charge, and to spread truth clarifying materials to the crowd.

We quickly decorated the stage with colored banners and then we took turns demonstrating the exercises. With the soothing melody of the practice music, we displayed the peacefulness and calmness of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." People gathered around the stage and saw the goodness of Dafa for themselves.

Everyone was supportive and some were eager to obtain truth-clarifying materials and information about learning the practice. Some had further discussions with practitioners. A young man who had come the first day, returned again for the second. He stood very still and watched the show for two days. At around 5:00 p.m. of the second day, he finally stepped forward and practitioners taught him how to practice the exercises. Some people came and immediately wanted to see the Dafa books. Some emulated the exercises while watching us.

One lady told practitioners that she saw the media reports and heard about the attitude of local police, who were under pressure from Jiang's regime. She said that the local people were supportive and blessed Falun Dafa. A gentleman held a practitioner's hand and talked for long time. He asked a lot of questions about Dafa. The practitioner answered them one by one. After his questions were answered, this gentleman repeatedly blessed Falun Dafa.

Around 5:00 p.m., when the market was closing up, many people still stood by the stage to watch the practice demonstration. We spread the Fa until after 8:00 p.m. A stall-keeper gladly told Dafa practitioners, "Your movements and music were so nice and fabulous, they made people very comfortable. My business benefited from your presence. It was so wonderful." She gave a two-thumbs-up sign while speaking about Dafa. There were also two ladies who not only learned the movements from practitioners, but also downloaded Zhuan Falun from the Falun Dafa website. They felt the powerful energy field quite strongly. They said that they would tell more people to learn Falun Gong. They also kindly invited Dafa practitioners to their homes.

Through spreading the Fa for two days, Tallinn's people gladly got to know Dafa and generally recognized and supported Dafa. Also, we could see that they cherished Dafa from the bottom of their hearts. This is just like what Master said, "Falun Dafa is good, Gradually entering the human realm." ("Dafa is Good")