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President of South Korean Falun Dafa Association: Falun Dafa Practitioners Are All Kind-Hearted People

June 16, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net)-- According to a special dispatch sent by reporter Jiang Yuanzhen from Taiwan's Central News Agency from Seoul on June 3, Falun Dafa practitioners in South Korea were seen cheering for the Chinese National Soccer Team during the 2002 World Cup. At the same time they planned to use the opportunity to clarify the truth and expose the Jiang regime's practice of discrediting and persecuting Falun Dafa to the Chinese people who went there to watch the soccer games.

The South Korean local police bureau disclosed today that more than 50 Korean Falun Gong practitioners, wearing yellow T-shirts with the words "Falun Dafa," planned to cheer for the Chinese players when they competed with the Costa Rican team and serve as volunteer assistants to the soccer fans from China around the soccer stadium.

President of the "South Korean Falun Dafa Association" Quan Hongda said the plan is designed to explain to the Chinese people who came to watch the soccer games that Falun Dafa practitioners are all kind-hearted people.

It has been learned that the Chinese public security personnel sent to South Korea in recent days have informally requested the South Korean police bureau to tear down the banners hanging up high in the city of Kwangju. These banners are either promoting Falun Dafa or supporting the Chinese Soccer Team. In its reply, the South Korean police bureau said they could not force the removal of those banners from the streets of Kwangju because the Falun Gong practitioners had gone through the proper legal procedures to obtain the right to hang them.

As for Falun Dafa's promotional activities near Kwangju soccer stadium on June 4, the police bureau said that, taking into consideration that the 2002 Korean-Japan World Cup is a grand celebration for the residents of Earth Village, they had no reason whatsoever to stop them.

Observers in Seoul pointed out that the Chinese National Team, which has ascended into the top 32 teams of the World Cup for the very first time, has not only attracted a large number of Chinese soccer fans to South Korea to watch the games, but also has attracted hundreds of Chinese and foreign reporters to cover the event. The practitioners intend to refute the Chinese authorities' accusations through their words and actions.