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Washington DC Practitioners Send Righteous Thoughts in Front of the Chinese Embassy (Photos)

June 12, 2002 |  


Over the past weekend, Falun Gong practitioners in Washington DC sent forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy on the hour and on each half-hour. In between times, practitioners made good use of the time to study the Fa, practice the exercises and exchange experiences and understandings. More and more practitioners have become truly conscious of their significant responsibility as Dafa particles and of the importance of advancing together as one body at this critical moment in history.

During the past three years, under the harsh conditions whereby the evil regime has angrily persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and blocked all the channels it possibly could for the truth to be known, practitioners in China have consolidated their righteous thoughts and steadfastly walked every step with their indestructible righteous belief and righteous enlightenment. In the relatively peaceful environment overseas, practitioners have the wonderful opportunity to see Teacher in person and have few troubles compared to practitioners in China, who even have difficulty in accessing Minghui Net. Under these circumstances, there are also tribulations testing our righteous thoughts and righteous actions. We need to understand the historical role for us as a whole. Only when every one of us is clear about the responsibility that we carry and only when each of us truly makes progress in understanding the Fa based on the Fa, can we form one body that is truly unshakable and boundlessly powerful.

Let's bear firmly in mind our Teacher's recent poem:

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

A Great Enlightened Being does not fear hardship

Having forged an adamantine will

And with no attachment to living or dying

He walks his path of Fa-rectification openly and nobly