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Police in Yushu City, Jilin Province Arrest Over 70 Dafa Practitioners and Send Over 20 to Forced Labor Camp

May 09, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In the middle of March 2002, by means of forcing everyone to declare his/her stand, the policemen in Yushu City, Jilin Province launched a mass arrest of Falun Gong practitioners using the excuse of searching for those responsible for the broadcast of the Falun Gong truth clarification video on cable TV. According to investigation, more than 70 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested, and 20 were sent to a forced labor camp.

The criminal means the policemen adopted included:

1. Arresting practitioners at midnight, without any legal procedures.

2. Illegally arresting Falun Gong practitioners' family members who don't practice Falun Gong. A family of three non-practitioners was illegally arrested and interrogated. There are cases where the policemen hung up a practitioner's family members and even beat a practitioner's child in order to find out the practitioner's whereabouts.

3. Framing of innocent people and making false evidence. When the police cannot find the materials at some practitioners' homes, they'll place some earlier prepared materials, take photos, detain practitioners and trump up some charges.

4. Placing practitioners in illegal detention and forced labor education. Practitioners like Gao Fengqin and Yang Xiuchun had become very weak due to the torture, but were still sent to forced labor camp. Ms. Li Shuying, wife of Mr. Yue Kai who was killed in the persecution (his story was previously reported on Clearwisdom net, for details, please see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/3/11/19678.html) was arrested around March 11. She has been staging a hunger strike and is now detained at Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. Her life is in danger. Kind-hearted people, please pay attention to this matter.

5. Illegally detaining Falun Gong practitioners' family members and forcing them to sign. The police acted with utter disregard for human life. Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Shuying has been on a hunger strike for a long period of time and has thus become extremely weak. When Li Shuying's family members visited her, in order to shirk their responsibilities, the policemen forced them to sign the paper stating that they will be responsible for Ms. Li Shuying's safety. As Clearwisdom net reported, practitioner Han Yuzhu was killed in the persecution after her family members were forced to sign the paper claiming responsibility for her. (Please see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/4/15/6942.html for a detailed report on Ms. Han Yuzhu.)

The police brutality has caused many kind-hearted Dafa practitioners to leave their homes and live in exile. Many families were torn apart and there is no sense of trust among neighbors. However, Dafa practitioners are not frightened by the harship and difficulties.

We hereby sternly warn those people who persecute Dafa that "Good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet with evil." This is a heavenly principle. The frequent retribution cases happening recently should have awakened you. For the sake of your own future, please treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners well.

May 5, 2002