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Examples of Immediate Retribution in This Lifetime

May 08, 2002 |  


Examples of retribution in Qingyang County, Gansu Province

1. Ex-head of Qingyang County Detaining Center, Xiao Mingkui, stepped on Dafa practitioner Wang Yuxia's chest and forced food down her throat when she was on a hunger strike for protesting the persecution in 2000. He was ruthless and cruel. He was later removed from his post.

2. Ex-head of Qingyang County Telephone Bureau, Zhang Huaizhong, actively helped the police to arrest Dafa practitioners who were employees of the bureau. He has been suspended from his duty for over a year since the Spring Festival of 2001.

3. Qingyang County Telephone Bureau accountant, Mi Haojun, masterminded schemes to impose fines on Dafa practitioners and to deduct money directly out of the practitioners' salaries. In the summer of 2001, his wife lost consciousness and fell during a walk and broke her arm. She has still not recovered.

4. Individual driver, Zhang Peng, frequently beat and cursed his wife (a practitioner), and viscously slandered Dafa. In the summer of 2001, when he was filling the vehicle's radiator with water, the boiling water spurted out of the radiator and burned half of his face, head, and arm.

5. Changqing Second Oil extraction plant, the refinery plant, and the special vehicle team frequently and deliberately created difficulties for and imposed fines on Dafa practitioners. Last summer, strong winds blew away the entrance board of the security section of the second oil extraction plant, and damaged trees and electric posts in front of the entrance. The entrance to the special vehicle team was damaged by flood.

Don't try to exploit others in difficulty for one's own advantage

One village government in Guyuan County, Hebei Province detained one Dafa practitioner for over half a year. They also seized five farm cattle of her family for sale. The people living in the same village were sympathetic to the practitioner and did not want to buy the cattle. One farmer from another village took advantage and bought one of the cattle. While the animal was pulling a cart, it hit an electric post. The electric post fell on him and seriously injured him. The accident fractured his cervical vertebra, and almost crippled him for life. Everybody talked about the accident and said, "Don't try to exploit others in a difficult situation for your own advantage, especially Falun Gong practitioners who are good people. Bullying good people will receive retribution."