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Summary of Other Articles and News - 05/04/2002

May 07, 2002 |  


News from China

Today, sixty-five people published solemn statements declaring null and void all statements and actions inconsistent with Falun Dafa's standards that they had been forced to make while under the government's forced brainwashing and extreme coercion. From now on, they will make up for the losses they caused by redoubling their efforts in clarifying the truth to people about Falun Gong and by following Teacher in the Fa-rectification process.

Falun Dafa practitioner Shen Jianli, a teacher at Jilin University in Changchun City, was tortured to death by the local police, less than two months following her arrest. Shen's husband, Zheng Weidong, a teacher in the Jilin Advanced Electronic Information Vocational School, was arrested for making truth-clarifying materials, and is currently still in detention. Their 4-year-old daughter is being taken care of by friends.

Pingantai Forced Labor Camp in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, forced the practitioners to do intensive labor after they had been deprived of sleep, tortured by being forced to stand for long periods and violently beaten. A practitioner in his sixties was handcuffed and hung up for about one month. His condition is critical. The guards and criminals in the second squadron abused and beat the practitioners by inserting chopsticks into the practitioners' nostrils while they were sleeping, almost causing death. Many practitioners were tortured until they were almost dead.

Recently, the lawless government officials of the Xinganling area in Heilongjiang Province dispatched police officers to illegally arrest Dafa practitioners. Two female practitioners were illegally arrested from their homes in Jiagedaqi District. Phone number of the work units responsible:

District area code: 0457, chief of Jiagedaqi District Police Department: 2125477, 2123178, 2122519; deputy chief: 2125696, 2123318, 2124240, 2139978; police division: 2123517; investigation division: 2125412; politics and security division: 2123382; law administration section: 2120774; command center: 2124475.

Falun Dafa Information Center's May 3 report: Hebei Province Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp uses inhuman methods such as brutal beating, electric shocks, hanging people up by their hands, sleep deprivation to torture Falun Gong practitioners. When the practitioners resisted the persecution by holding a hunger strike, the prison guards brutally force-fed the female practitioners with human excrement. The Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp is under Luo Gan's direct control, and it is called "Masanjia Labor Camp in Hebei Province." Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp and Tangshan City Labor Camp sent officials there for lessons on how to torture people.

Media Report

Boxun reported on May 3, 2002 that the Free China Movement and Committee of Investigation of Religious Persecution in China released a copy of a decree issued by the Chinese government. The document demanded the Public Security Departments of Jilin Province to crackdown on dissents, especially Falun Gong, from May 2000 to December 2007 in preparation for the Olympics. Andrew Nathan, the world-renowned Chinese scholar at Columbia University believed this order to be authentic.

Beijing Morning News reported that a rare and serious drought is spreading in Guangdong Province. Since September 2001, the total rainfall has been dropping significantly in Guangdong. The drought began in the fall of last year and has continued this spring. The waterlines of major rivers and streams have steadily become lower. Many lakes and reservoirs have dried up and the flow of the river has stopped. The situation has seriously affected the spring farming in both Guangdong and Guangxi. 20 -- 30% of the farmlands are dried up, making farming nearly impossible. In Shenzhen, massive numbers of people are lining up for drinking water.

Discussion Forum

Zhang Mengye, an alumnus of Qinghua University, sent a letter to the students of Qinghua University, sharing his cultivation experiences and the persecution against him.

Senior Lecturer Zhang Mengye of the Guangdong School of Electricity was a classmate of Hu Jintao, the Vice Chairman of China. They studied together at Qinghua University, "China's MIT." Since Falun Gong was banned in July 1999 in China, Zhang Mengye was detained in a labor camp for two years for not giving up his beliefs.

News from Overseas

The speech of a six-year-old practitioner at the 2002 Taiwan Experience Sharing Conference: When I was in the senior class in the kindergarten I often taught my classmates to practice the exercises. This year I went to the primary school and practiced with my mom and her students. I often go out to spread Dafa with mom. I always see Master's Fashen visiting our practicing site. Once Master took me with him to eliminate the evil.