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Maximally Utilizing the Mighty Power of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts in This Special Historical Period

May 03, 2002 |   By a sojourner with no form


Since the head of the evil left his den in Beijing, practitioners outside China have placed unprecedented importance on sending forth righteous thoughts and have demonstrated unprecedented power as they directly use their capabilities to clear out the evil. Aside from practitioners who went to Germany to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the head of the evil, most other practitioners outside China also greatly stepped up their efforts in this crucial area. They not only increased the frequency of their daily sending forth righteous thoughts -- from once every night in groups, to making time to send forth righteous thoughts multiple times every day, either individually or in groups. In addition, through the carrying out of this high intensity sending forth righteous thoughts, every practitioner's understanding of why to send forth righteous thoughts and how to do a better job at it -- from the perspective of Dafa principles as well as cultivation practice -- has become more mature. As a result of all this, as a member of the single entity made up of Dafa disciples, I feel a sense of serenity and harmony.

The following is a brief review of my understandings and personal experiences while sending forth righteous thoughts during this special period of time.

First, we came to understand that if we can do well as an unified entity, if we can truly correctly position the relationship between Dafa disciples and Fa-rectification, and send forth powerful righteous thoughts continuously and firmly to eliminate the evil factors controlling the head of the evil, we'll be able to completely wreck the arrangements of the old forces, and have a chance to clean out the evil within the Three Realms as soon as possible. Eliminating those wicked beings that are beyond the hope of salvation will give more innocent lives the opportunity to hear the truth about Dafa in a peaceful and just environment and thus receive salvation. Accordingly, everybody's determination has become firmer and firmer through this high intensity sending forth righteous thoughts. Furthermore, after feeling the energy field of the enormous righteous thoughts, everybody becomes encouraged and purified even further.

Meanwhile, based on the principles of the Fa, we realized that we should maintain a very rational, compassionate and wise heart when dealing with the issue of sending forth righteous thoughts. We shouldn't have attachments to any superficial phenomena based on our human mentality. The reason is that, even though Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts as a whole have a significant impact on Fa-rectification, there are still a lot of enormous factors unknown to us in the overall situation. The old forces are so attached to their own arrangements that they have resorted to committing all kinds of unjust acts. Nevertheless, in the long run they will not be able to change the actual progress of this Fa-rectification at all. This might just be like the time when Teacher planned to let two hundred million people obtain the Fa, but the old forces insisted on seventy million and began the persecution when the number of Dafa practitioners reached one hundred million. However, ultimately, only Teacher can determine everything, balance everything and resolve everything benevolently.

Secondly, the effect of eliminating the evil, which is accomplished by Dafa practitioners' sending forth righteous thoughts, is demonstrating its power in every dimension. The evil is undergoing an unprecedented large-scale elimination, and the head of the evil is becoming empty and without help, including in this dimension of human beings. This is because the way we go about eliminating the evil beings in other dimensions is very righteous and completely in accordance with the principles of both the new and the old universe. In this situation, the evil forces' insistence on causing interference and damage can only lead to their being completely eliminated by the great righteous divine beings of the universe. Therefore, we reached the understanding that as long as the old forces' arrangements still exist, as we make broader and more refined efforts to clarify the truth, we should grasp this opportunity bestowed on us by history as a whole: we should steadfastly commit to sending forth righteous thoughts together -- the force of which has directly made an impact in every dimension. This will undoubtedly have a crucial, positive effect on the entire course of Fa-rectification.

Moreover, this process of sending forth righteous thoughts is also a very important process for tempering oneself and purifying the different dimensions in one's own environment. On the one hand, as we send forth righteous thoughts as a group, the negative beings in the dimensions that we are responsible for will be diminished, until they are completely cleaned out. On the other hand, a Dafa practitioner will become more mature as he sends forth righteous thoughts, and his understanding of Dafa principles will become more rational and clearer. Thus he is able to quickly recognize and eliminate the interference that directly targets each and every one of us practitioners.

I remember when we started to send righteous thoughts as a group about 20 days ago. Partly due to the profound serenity that I gained from my higher understanding of Dafa principles, the 10 to 20 minutes of sending righteous thoughts went by easily, and I completed it in deep tranquility. In the past, I sometimes had difficulty focusing my attention for even 5 minutes. On the other hand, however, painful memories of past personal experiences popped up vividly in my head. These were scattered with fragments of very obvious feelings of uncertainty and notions not based on Dafa principles. Recognizing clearly that this was interference, I still failed to get rid of it. Consequently, I was still disturbed despite my efforts to resolutely endure and resist it. After I spent a few days studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, I was again disturbed violently one weekend, while we were sending forth righteous thoughts together with disciples all over the world. This time, I was able to react immediately, and my thoughts instantaneously became extremely mighty and powerful.

Later, while sending forth righteous thoughts alone late one night, as soon as a similar memory popped up, my supernormal capability would automatically go out to absorb and smash those substances -- logic that was utilized by the evil and mixed with human baggage, past memories and sentiments -- and destroy them completely. I then watched the old forces quietly, and sent very peaceful and calm thoughts to them, "Why did you do this? Are you still going to keep doing this? Silence!" The next two to three times of sending forth righteous thoughts were done in the same way, but the evil forces became less and less prevalent, until they gave up or were eliminated. Afterwards, I realized that the whole process to completely solve the problem took a very short time. I therefore understood even more deeply the importance of studying the Fa well.

Another round of sending forth righteous thoughts by Dafa disciples around the world is coming to an end. Strictly speaking, for all Dafa practitioners, especially for overseas Dafa practitioners, this has been an unusual weekend. There's good news from Mainland China -- practitioners in China are making breakthroughs in clarifying the truth in a broader, deeper and more refined way, so as to let more people break away from the control of slanderous lies. I know this deeply in my heart: when the evil's information blockade collapses completely, people will realize how truly precious and magnificent the power of Dafa disciples' sending forth righteous thoughts in this special historic period is.