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Summary of Other Articles and News - 05/22/2002

May 26, 2002 |  


News and Activities around the World

On May 19, some American Falun Gong practitioners attended an "International Festival" at the University of Chicago. There they spread Dafa, gave performances, provided free karaoke, fruit, candy and snacks. During the festival, students from Mainland China got along very well with practitioners, singing and chatting with them. They found Falun Gong practitioners to be warm-hearted and helpful to others. They were very willing to make friends with practitioners.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

Practitioners from Hamburg, Germany: Our Experiences with Policemen. Our frequent contact with the police officers on duty has given us the opportunity to understand each other much better. In the beginning, whenever we held an appeal, we were always accompanied by 3 police vans with 2 policemen in each of them. Now only one police van and one policeman accompanies us. In fact, the police department would really like to withdraw all policemen from such duty, but the Chinese Consulate always asks for police presence.