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Studying the Fa is the Requirement of a Practitioner's Heart

May 19, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The period of Fa rectification is of paramount importance and of a limited time period. We all know how Teacher has told us again and again about the importance of studying Fa well. However, some practitioners are still not diligent in Fa study and are merely busy doing Dafa work. Some feel that they are obligated to study and do so with a sense of burden. Still others insist on studying Fa but then encounter difficulty in concentrating. Yet there is another category of practitioners who truly can seriously study the Fa. However, this category is often stubborn in their personal views and using personal skills whenever facing problems. They often fail to "take the Fa as Teacher" and are reluctant to look inwardly during tribulations. In the worst case, some even succumb to attachments, giving in to the evil side and hence being taken advantage of by evil forces.

Some practitioners who encounter difficulties and questions regarding Fa study ponder, "Why is this?"

The answer is to study Fa with a peaceful mind. I understand that as Dafa practitioners, we yearn for studying Fa from the deepest part of our heart only when we have realized from the deepest part of our heart what the Fa is and how magnificent the Dafa is, as well as realize that studying Fa is the fundamental requirement of our cultivation in the Fa rectification period. If we could only look inside ourselves when Fa study does not achieve what we have expected and look for causes where we have failed to follow Teacher's guidance. Only then can we actively expel the disturbances when we study the Fa according to the requirements of Fa rectification and become firm in studying the Fa with a strong will and righteous thoughts. We should first think of what Teacher has told us and what the Fa in the books requires of us upon encountering any problems. ("Take the Fa as Teacher") Thus, we would be able to "take the Fa as the most important" when facing contradictions and truly understand the great duties of a Dafa practitioner in the period of Fa rectification. It would then be possible to take initiative to do what we should do well.

However, if we study the Fa with a mentality of an ordinary person, as if we are studying a theory, doing homework, gaining a superficial understanding, or even pursuing something, Fa study will become an external and extraneous thing and will not give us answers to the tribulations we encounter. As a result, studying the Fa to upgrade our Xinxing (moral character) and directing our Fa rectification work would become something within our sight but beyond our reach. Even worse, we would over the long run limit ourselves in personal cultivation and would not see what the requirements for progress for a Dafa disciple during Fa rectification. We would miss the million years of waiting for this cultivation.

While reading the "The North America Lecture Tour", for the first time I realized that for a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, studying the Fa is not only the requirement for personal advancement. Fa study is a process of saving sentient beings. It is the requirement of rectifying the greater cosmic body and the requirement for offering salvation to innumerable beings. It is the requirement for the overall advancement of all Dafa practitioners and the requirement for following the progress of Fa rectification.

Regarding Fa study, we have no other choice but to do well and there are no short cuts. We should simply follow Teacher's words to study Fa with a peaceful heart and without any pursuits. "Compliance is cultivation" ("Solid Cultivation," Hong Yin)

The above is just some of my personal understanding. I have written it here only for reference and for discussion among fellow practitioners.