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More on the Issue of Safety

April 09, 2002 |   A practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently there had been a lot of news published on the Internet that many truth-clarifying material storage sites in China were destroyed by the evil forces. I took more care on safety issues as everyday people would do, paying attention to any possible loopholes that might arise. On the one hand, we must treat the safety concerns that everyday people have with due caution, because we are doing Dafa work in the ordinary human society and we should be responsible to the Fa and our fellow practitioners. On the other hand, seen from the perspective of the Fa, the human notion of safety does not really apply to Dafa practitioners who are under severe persecution. As long as we are responsible to Dafa, to ourselves and to sentient beings with true hearts and make steady progress in the path of cultivation arranged by our Teacher, there will be genuine safety for Dafa practitioners.

What everyday people consider safe is something that only manifests in our present physical world, such as being careful and cautious while doing things. However, practitioners should look at the safety issue from a higher level and should see through the factors behind the phenomena. The reason for the evil's persecution is that we have not let go of all the attachments of human beings and thus have not attained the realms we should have reached in cultivation. Under the excuse of helping the practitioners to upgrade their cultivation levels, the evil forces are destructively testing Dafa. Therefore, the essential point concerning the safety issue is whether or not we can meet the standards required by the Fa.

Our teacher has requirements for his disciples. My understanding is that we should let go of the attachment of life and death. However, being able to relinquish the attachment of life and death doesn't mean we are up to all the standards required by the Fa. Whether or not we are able to eliminate the fundamental attachments we have developed in the ways of looking upon things as human beings determines whether or not a practitioner has genuinely stepped out of humanness.

If we have conformed to the fundamental requirements set out by the Fa, we will be able to completely alter the arrangement of the evil old forces through sending forth righteous thoughts. In the human society, our human side still clings to various human attachments and we are restricted by the factors in the environment, so we should be sufficiently cautious and careful on the safety issue. However, what we must be clear about is that it is far from being sufficiently secure even if we have exhausted all the human means and methods. Only after our xinxing has been upgraded to the required levels will there be true safety in our work.