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Clarifying the Truth to the German People More Completely Before Jiang's Visit to Germany (Photos)

April 08, 2002 |   By German practitioners

(Clearwisdom.net) In order to let German people know about the evil persecution against Falun Gong conducted by Jiang's Political Gang and raise people's consciousness of justice, on April 6, practitioners from the United States, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and other places simultaneously held "Falun Dafa Information Day" in several cities in Germany such as Berlin, Wolfsburg, Goslar and others, and clarified the truth to the people in these cities. In Berlin, to let more people know about the truth of Falun Gong, besides setting up an information site at the busy Marlene-Dietrich Square, practitioners also separated into four groups and conducted an SOS Walk in the streets. After he read the Falun Dafa website, a reporter called the local Dafa contact person and wanted to cover this event. During the interview, he talked to practitioners for three hours and stayed until the end of the activity. When he said goodbye to practitioners, he repeatedly expressed his gratitude and wished us great success.

During the whole activity, practitioners felt that people were becoming more and more clear-minded with strong righteous thoughts. When they saw practitioners distributing the Dafa materials, they asked for the materials one after another. Many people wanted to know more about the truth. Those who have learned about the truth show much support to Dafa. They were shocked and angered over the Jiang regime's conduct. A practitioner said, nowadays, people were different from before; when they saw us, they were very warm. Sometimes, when they got the Dafa materials, they said thank you before they even looked at the content. After listening to practitioners, a female shop owner immediately posted the Dafa materials on the glass door of the shop so that the passersby could see them. After learning that the practitioners were distributing material about Jiang's persecution against Falun Gong, a passerby said, "I know Jiang. He is the one who obtained his authority through the 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident." These kind of examples are numerous.