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Statement of Terri Wu

April 05, 2002 |  

Washington, D.C. April 3, 2002

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Terri Wu. I work in a business firm in downtown DC. I'm a plaintiff in this case, because my public and private conversations, and conversations among other Falun Gong practitioners, have been recorded numerous times and then sent to my voice mailbox to intimidate me.

For example, in July of 2001, I returned from a month-long trip overseas, during which time I had my cell phone turned off. When I turned it on after I arrived back at New York's JFK Airport, I found that a message had been left in my voice mailbox only a couple of hours before. It was a conversation between Falun Gong practitioners that took place in the Washington D.C. metro area, that someone had recorded without their knowledge.

As you can imagine, I was shocked by this and felt that someone was trying to threaten me and our group, especially because I postponed my return date many times and they apparently still knew when I would be back! Soon I mentioned it to others who practice Falun Gong, and learned that these kinds of incidents were happening on a large scale. I sincerely hope that after this lawsuit settles, no one will have the audacity to break U.S. laws and do these things again to the kind people who practice Falun Gong. This is not China, and it never should have happened.

Thank you.