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A Family Full of Dafa Practitioners

April 04, 2002 |   Swedish Practitioners

(Ingrid) Hello everyone,

My name is Ingrid Kleinert. I was born in the north of Sweden in 1945. I have three sons, two daughters and five grandchildren. All of us are practitioners of Falun Dafa.

(Christina) Hello

My name is Christina Nassif- Kleinert, I am nearly 40 years old. Since childhood I have had the feeling that there is a deeper meaning in life. I was fascinated by the stories in the bible and I had to have a talk with God, before I could go to sleep every night.

(Werner) Hello everybody!

My name is Werner Kleinert. I am thirty-seven years old and I live in Sweden together with my wife and our two children. I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for four years.

(Aylin) Hello everyone,

My name is Aylin Kleinert and I will be 10 years old in August. I started to learn Falun Gong in 1997 and have studied Zhuan Falun now for nearly five years. I like to read Hong Yin loudly for my mother.

(Ingrid) One day in October 1997 one of my sons, Richard, came and told me that he had found something that would be good for us all. He lent me the German version of Zhuan Falun, and I read it through in a few days. As I was finished reading, the book was lying in my lap, it shone. My first thought was, "Thank you. Finally I found my path. It will not be easy, but I will do my very best." Then Richard taught me and Christina, my oldest daughter, the practice movements. I nearly cried for the pain and was furious like a teased bee. I had had an accident at my work six months before I learned Falun Gong; I couldn't lift my right arm. The doctors told me that without an operation and sedatives it would never be good again. As a nurse, I know clearly about this. However, in just two or three months after I learned Falun Gong, my right arm can move around as usual. I then told my doctor about this miracle. Though he was a bit doubtful about what happened to me, he encouraged me to go on with whatever makes me feel better.

I have been reading Zhuan Falun to my smallest daughter, Aylin, almost every day since she was five years old. I have asked her if she would like to listen to something else, such as fairy-tales, but she never wanted anything else. Now she is able to read loud for me sometimes.

It is a gift that all the family members are practising Falun Dafa. We exchange experiences, practice and read together. Whenever possible, we would watch the nine day video lecture together. Every one of us has various tribulations to pass. Whenever my tribulation seems hard to pass, I would recall how I felt the first time I read Zhuan Falun, and I would remind myself of what Teacher says at the end of Zhuan Falun, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." Thinking of Teacher's words really helps and enables me to have a deeper understanding of the Fa and move forward in my cultivation. In my nearly five years of cultivation, I have been striving to live up to Zhen-Shan-Ren, and trying to become a better person.

(Christina) I got involved in a difficult relationship at the age of 25 and I had to play the role of a temporary mother, even though I was not ready for it. I found that I couldn't even help myself, not to mention to help others. Perplexed, I started to search for spiritual relief. Sometimes I also discussed with my whole family. I did learn something and I had had some nice experiences. As long as I was together with some nice spiritual teacher, I would feel good. However, once I was back in real life, I found what I learned did not work at all. I was really frustrated and did not know where to head for.

I met my husband when I was 32. He is a devout Muslim from Lebanon. As the age of 34, I became pregnant. While I was longing for a wonderful future, I found the differences between my husband and me grew bigger and bigger. After I delivered my first daughter, I found myself in confusion again. On the one hand, I was happy to become a mother; on the other hand, I was fearful of the responsibility that I had to fulfill [as a mother]. A few weeks later my brother, Richard, gave me some information about Falun Gong.

My brother brought me a Dafa book when he came to see me. However, I did not have time to read it. A few days later I was hospitalised because of a high fever. While I was lying in the hospital bed, I started to read that Dafa book. After finishing this book, I asked myself, "Is this true? If this is what it seems to be, it would be the answer to my spiritual search." Right after I got out of the hospital, my brother came to teach me the Dafa exercises. We went out to a park. It was a sunny day; my daughter was sleeping. Everything was so beautiful. When I was learning the exercises, I felt a beam of white light coming down straight from the sky, which really shocked me. Later I got the German version of Zhuan Falun. And this time I found time to read.

(Werner) I was very fortunate to be able to cultivate Falun Dafa, and I know it has a great impact on my future. During the past four years, Master has been guiding me, in a way that I cannot express or describe. I am like a child who can see nothing. It is Master who holds my hand, and gives me support when I stumble or encounter difficulty. Each time when I think of the benevolence that Master has given us, my eyes are filled with tears.

I experienced a lot of things when I was very young. I started to develop my own theories about how everything goes round and round. I also shared my thoughts with my family. When I grew older, the urge to understand more took me to many places around the world. I tried different methods, but found nothing that could really answer my questions. Sometimes I even felt scared and lost. I had put together a cultivation method of my own. I was teaching many people karate and gave classes in yoga meditation. My influences on other people were big and I thought of myself as someone wise and competent. Today, I can see how lost I was.

It was about this time that my brother Richard called me. He was and still is living in Switzerland and he began to talk about Falun Gong. Because he had been one of the pioneers of spiritual search in our family, I listened carefully to what he said. He phoned several times and tried to make me come to Gothenburg to learn the exercises. Finally he said, "Gather some people that are interested, and I will come up and show you the exercises and have a nine-day video seminar." On a very short notice my wife and I got together a big number of people.

My brother arrived the day before the seminar began. He talked about how fantastic and powerful Dafa was. I could not wait so he started to play the lecture 1. In no more than 30 minutes, I felt the whole house was about to explode. I shut down the video and said, "Let's wait until tomorrow." My wife and I sat on the couch, stunned, unable to move or speak. I remember that I had a headache then. In the days that followed, me, my wife, and many of our friends watched all the nine lectures. Seven or eight became practitioners and several of them are here today.

As a cultivator, attachments disappear one after another and my heart becomes lighter and lighter. I really feel that my attachments are oftentimes gone with a smile. On the contrary, I often got mad over trivial things at the beginning of my cultivation. However, as time passed, I realised that I still had a lot of attachments to let go of. Master exposed many of the attachments that were hidden deep in me. I knew that I wouldn't have recognized those attachments had there no Master's help.

In the beginning I had many strange dreams, but soon I came to understand the meaning they had in my cultivation. Once when I was watching the nine-day lectures, I saw karma in the body of a friend. It looked like some dark clouds. Through Fa-study, I knew what karma is about. One time in the beginning there came a shining Buddha floating towards me, I asked it to not disturb me because I was cultivating Falun Dafa.

I understood that I finally found something genuine, something that could guide me. Once I started to practice, I saw the attachments that need to be abandoned. Alcohol was never a problem to me because I seldom drank. However, at the beginning, I would still feel annoyed because I wasn't allowed to have a beer with my friends. Once I had a glass of wine, which made me very uncomfortable afterwards since I could feel I had dropped my cultivation level. In Sweden there is a kind of tobacco called snuff, which contains large amounts of nicotine and is very habit forming. I had been using this for twenty years. In the past, I had tried to quit it, but without success. One day after I started to practice Falun Gong, I suddenly felt sick when I smoked snuff. Since then, I had never smoked snuff.

One by one my attachments were removed. Every time an attachment was abandoned, I felt easier.

(Aylin) I would like to tell you about some of my cultivation stories.

It happened once in school, a boy in the fourth grade kicked me so bad that I got bruises everywhere afterwards. I got very sad and angry at that time, but today I feel sorry for him as I know he lost a lot of De.

When I was on a SOS! Urgent RescueWalk from Geneva to Bern, my feet were burning, and I was exhausted. My Chinese fellow practitioners started to teach me how to recite the Fa-rectification verses in Chinese. We sent forth righteous thoughts over and over again. Suddenly I felt lighter, as if I was flying. When we reached Bern I was very happy.

I was very worried and sad the day before my brother, Richard, flew to China. However, after I brother left, I said to my mother, "If one thinks something bad, bad things will happen. Brother is just going for a couple of days and he will be back soon." Then I went to school happily.

(Ingrid) One thing that helped me see my attachments to my children was Richard's going to China. Before Richard left for China, I read a cultivation story saying that fear is one of the worst demons and that we should not leave any loophole for it to exploit. This story helped me remain a peaceful heart calm and clear mind. However, there were still some warped notions that kept popping up. My heart pained at the thought that my son may not return or he may be tortured in China. I knew it was the evil interference and I must fight it with my righteous thoughts. However, I could only control myself when I sat sent forth righteous thoughts. Once I started to do something else, the pain came again as I thought about my son. From this experience, I saw how selfish I was. Why was I feeling so upset and painful? That was because my son went to China. Had I thought about the numerous parents, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, who are suffering from tortured or have died from torture in China? I felt so sorry that I did not realize that I was so selfish and had so many attachments left. I really learned a lot from this experience.

(Christina) Many miraculous things happened during the past 5 years of my cultivation of Falun Dafa. One day my one and a half years old daughter, Dounia, tried to climb out of the window from the fourth floor. A neighbour told me later she had seen my daughter climb to the outer windowsill. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and didn't hear my mother shouting from down under the window at first. I did not start to look for Dounia until I heard a lot of noise. I was surprised that I could still remain calm when I saw her on the windowsill. I went to the window and got her. Seeing she was finally safe in my arms, I began to feel scared. I knew there was something there to protect my daughter by the window at that moment. Was that a Falun?

I was very disappointed in myself for I could not persist in doing the exercises. As I got pregnant with my second daughter, Celina, I wanted to do the practice more, but I seemed to never find time. Then it happened that I woke up around three in one morning, and I was so alert that I found it hard to fall asleep again. Next morning I came to realize that I should take the chance to do the practice. So I got up at three in the morning and practised for one and a half hours. Despite of my thick belly, I did not feel tired at all.

Living up to Zhen-Shan-Ren is not always so easy. I still have a lot to improve. Although my husband and I have a lot of differenences, I feel grateful to him, for he made me see my weaknesses. Each time when I wanted to bring my child to do Hongfa (introducing Dafa to the public), he would burst into anger. But I noticed if I did not have fear, his fear would also be less. I often felt frustrated and angry in the conflicts with my husband, but lately I have tried to look at the whole thing with compassion. I found that when I managed to calm down and let compassion arise, there were fewer conflicts. We still have a lot of differences, but we could live a harmonious life together. I am very grateful to Falun Gong, and Zhen-Shan-Ren, which helped me learn how to look inside and get rid of bad notions and attachments.

I also learned a lot from other practitioners all over the world. We can exchange experiences with and learn from each other. We are like a big family and we are growing together. With my children I feel a little bit limited because I have to take care of them, which is also a test for my patience and tolerance. At the experience-sharing conference, oftentimes I have to skip the discussion because I have to look after my children. I have learned to be confident with my cultivation. Even if I can't participate in some Dafa activities as others, I still can learn a lot from the Dafa teachings.

As the persecution started in 1999, I was shocked, and I was also haunted by doubts. But each time when I took out Zhuan Falun and read, all my doubts went away. Today I am deeply moved by the magnificent behaviour of Chinese practitioners. Sometimes I find it very hard to read through the news posted on Clearwisdom or other Dafa websites because my tears keep running down my face. Everything in China became closer to me when my brother went to China to appeal. I must overcome the fear in my heart. The great Fa forges great practitioners. I feel very fortunate to be one of the practitioners. Every task given to me is a precious gift. Handing out flyers seems very simple yet it has significant implications. Once my mother and I went out for a walk, and she distributed flyers to the people we met. I felt there was a special energy around us, very strong, and all who met us was influenced in one way or another. Suddenly it came to me the importance of what we were doing. We hand out flyers not only to support those practitioners suffering in China, but also to give the people we meet a chance to hear about Falun Gong. We are offering salvation to sentient beings. When I do Dafa work, I can clearly see how various evil factors try to interfere with me, and I also come to realize how serious doing Dafa work is.

(Werner) One year after my wife and I began cultivation we organized a summer meeting for practitioners in Sweden. It was the summer that the persecution began. In the middle of our meeting, we learned that the Chinese government banned Falun Gong. It was hard for me to understand why the Chinese government suppressed Falun Gong. Slowly I began to realize that China is not Sweden.

Various newspapers, radio and TV stations came to interview us. One reporter happened to drive by and he saw our Dafa sign, so he stopped to interview me and my brother. He published a long and positive article. All of a sudden I was right in front of a TV camera. I had never liked to perform in public, and my concerns of what my friends would think of me didn't make it better. However, my appearing in the TV news and talking about something that only a few people knew about at that time, turned out to be an important stage in my cultivation. Later I can see how all circumstances and co-incidences fell in to its right place and how well arranged everything was.

Since then I have been in radio and newspapers a lots of times to clarify the truth and unveil the evil. I will continue doing this until the day that the most brutal and filthy persecution stops. I feel very honoured to be be able to clarify the truth and expose the evil as a Dafa particle, especially when I see how happy people become after learning of Dafa.

When people learn about the brutal and unjust persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, they all feel it's hard to believe what is happening. There was one period of time when I felt very sad. During that period, once when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw the following scene: I was in the universe, and everything was absolutely beautiful. There was a blue transparent cover surrounding me, with thousands of millions of bright sceneries inside. Far down to the left I could see a brownish ball, inside which there was the same bright sceneries as what surrounded me. Soon I understood that the brownish ball was the "three realms," ugly and dirty. Many days later I had the same experience again. When I was watching the brownish ball, its surface suddenly cracked and disappeared. It turned to a very thin film covering the ball. Now it had the same colour as the rest of the larger surrounding universe. This experience lightened my heart.

(Avlin) I also want to tell about an experience that I had in the beginning of my cultivation. I was about 6 years old then. It was a Monday evening, and it was very dark. I was watching the stars when suddenly I saw a rotating Falun. It was like circles and in the circles there was like small spots of light. It was very beautiful.

(Ingrid) From the bottom of my heart, thank you master Li Hongzhi. And thank you all for listening.

(Christina) I feel myself extremely insignificant in the face of Zhen-Shan-Ren and Fa. But when I assimilate to Zhen-Shan-Ren, I can feel its existence, and I can experience the compassion from Master Li and Fa. Although we still have all kinds of attachments, Master still gives us chance to cultivate. No words can express my gratefulness.

(Werner) During my cultivation, Master's benevolence inspires me to move forward. I hereby express my heart-felt appreciation to our revered Master, "Thank you!"

(Aylin) I wish everybody could obtain the Fa. Thank you Master for letting me obtain the Fa.