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Practitioners on Hunger Strike for Over Two Months in Danger of Dying in Taikang County, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

April 30, 2002 |  

(Clearwidom.net) Local authorities from the Chuangxin Police Station, Ranghulu District, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, and those from the Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County (Taikang) have committed crimes against Falun Dafa and its practitioners over the past three years, since July 20, 1999. They have been going along with the Jiang regime.

In November 2001, practitioners Han Xingli, Xu Mingsheng, Yang Shurong, and Zhang Hongquan, all residents of Chengnan Cejinglou Neighborhood in the Ranghulu District of Daqing City, were arrested for distributing Falun Dafa materials by the Political and Security Section of Taikang County. The authorities were given a tip by a local villager. At the detention center, the four practitioners refused to cooperate with the evil forces and went on a hunger strike to protest their unlawful detention. They were released after 34 days. The head of the Political and Security Section of Taikang County, Wen Zhongge, extorted various amounts of money, ranging from 2000 Yuan to 3000 Yuan (approximately 4-6 months wages for an average Chinese urban worker) from the practitioners.

However, their suffering did not stop there. On January 30, 2002, Wen Zhonge, along with policemen Liu Xuezhong and Song Changjiu, deceived and kidnapped practitioners Yang Shurong, Xu Mingsheng, Zhang Hongquan to the Taikang Detention Center. Han Xingli was also forcibly sent to the detention center a few days later by policemen Liu Xuezhong and Shao Qingchun from the Chuangxin Police Station. On February 6, 2002, the local court of Taikang County tried the practitioners in a secret trial without following any legal procedures. The four practitioners have been on hunger strike for more than two months and their lives are in danger.

We appeal to kind-hearted people to express their concern over this, offer assistance and resist the persecution against Falun Dafa.