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Record of Criminal Acts at Xishanping Labor Camp in Chongqing City

April 03, 2002 |  

March 21, 2002


Dafa practitioners detained at the Xishanping Labor Camp in Chongqing City face intense persecution by evil ones all the time and endure huge hardships.

1) On February 7, 2002, a 52-year-old practitioner named Zhang Jieping was transferred from group 11 to the strict management team 14. After he entered through the door, 6 or 7 "re-education assistants" greeted him and then subjected him to one hour of inhuman torture. Afterwards, they forced him to bend down to a 90-degree angle and stand there in that position.

2) On February 17, 2002, Cai Zhaoxing, Wang Jianpeng and Liu Hongguang, heads of a strict management team, along with some other thugs, pulled a Dafa practitioner, Chen Jiawu, to an empty room of the agriculture team. They then tightly crowded around him and tried to force him to defame Dafa. However he refused and was kicked and punched for half an hour.

3) On March 4, 2002, practitioner Liu Jiebing told Wang Jianpeng, the "team leader," to cancel the "guarantee" [promising not to practice Dafa] he had made the previous day while he was under extreme duress. Wang Jianpeng, venting his personal resentment, then called together 8 people, including Liu Hongguang, Shen Yang, Zheng Wei, Zhou Xiaobo, Zhou Hong and Liu Hongjun to attack him. Liu Jiebing was then told to stand at a 90-degree angle. However, Liu Jiebing did not obey and this group of malicious people then beat his hands and legs to straighten them so they could force them together. Liu Jiebing's head was then forcefully pushed to his knees and he was stuffed beneath a bed that was only one foot high. He was not allowed out for five minutes. By the time he was pulled out, his faced had turned white, he could hardly breathe, and he had broken out in a cold sweat. Liu Jiebing was then forced to sit awake, with his hands behind his back, until 2 a.m. At 4 a.m., the guards kicked him to wake him up and forced him to stand for half an hour. He was then allowed to sleep at 4:30 a.m., but was forced to wake up again at 6 a.m. On the second day, Liu Jiebing was told to squat down; however he did not obey. So then, one person held his left arm, one person held his right arm, one person held his shirt, and behind him, Zheng Wei and Shen Yang simultaneously kicked the back of his knees to make him go down. But still, Liu Jiebing would not squat. In the end, the persecutors could find nothing to sway him, so they had to let him go.

4) In the Beipei District of Chongqing City, practitioners Tian Yicheng and Wang Guanglin were beaten until grievously wounded. They could not even get out of their beds and suffered from bladder and bowel incontinence.

5) In Bishan County in Chongqing City, practitioner Cao Xianlu has been beaten several times and each time has been so gravely wounded that he was taken to the hospital. His date of release from the detention center has been illegally extended twice under the pretext of an "extended re-education period." Right now, his period of detention has been fulfilled.

6) Ever since March 2001, in order to get practitioners to give up cultivation, the evil people have often read articles defaming Dafa. If there was a practitioner who said "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa," Captain Tian Xiaohai would lead the degenerate policemen to violently beat practitioners with batons. They were also forced to stand straight like soldiers. When practitioners did not cooperate, the "re-education assistants" (who are drug addicts and the truly bad people in the labor camps) would, at the instigation of evil policemen, all brutally beat the practitioners. It has been a common sight that practitioners are beaten until they are bleeding, swollen, and bruised every time. These evil policemen would then laugh when they saw this situation.

7) Several times in the middle of December 2001, the Xishanping Labor Camp assembled larger crowds than normal to force practitioners to "transform." They started the so-called "discipline consolidating." They would take roll when serving meals. When a practitioners did not call out "here," the evil policemen would call their "re-education assistants" to drag the practitioner away, and then press him against the floor, and force the practitioner to bite his shoe. After the meal, the practitioner would then be dragged by the collar back to his room, even if it was on the second floor, or higher.

Once, after dinner, a few evil policemen led 2 or 3 dozen of the "re-education assistants" (drug addicts) to beat practitioners Wei Mingyan, Lin Demu, Zhang Hongxu, and Gan Shulin because they did not answer when their names were called. The "re-education assistants" were told to beat the practitioners' mouths, faces, ears, eyes, and heads with shoes. Afterwards the "re-education assistants" were in groups of three with one person holding the left arm of a practitioner, one person holding the right arm, and another person behind him to force him to run long distances. This was done to the practitioners day after day, until they were so exhausted they finally answered when their names were called.

8) In order to carry out intensive brainwashing, the labor camp set up 4 strict management teams for the practitioners who had been strong-willed and had not compromised at all. They would be penalized to stand arduously from 6 a.m. in the morning until 10 p.m. at night. Then, if they didn't write a guarantee, they would be forced "to sit down for self-examination" until 2 a.m. Individuals such as Gan Shulin were forced to keep their eyes open all night. If he was not sitting up straight or he closed his eyes once, he would be brutally beaten. No matter if practitioners worked well or not, they would be beaten and hit every day. For example, they would be hit in the mouth with a shoe, be stripped of their pants and hit in the buttocks, or be hit in the palm, back of the hand, and buttocks with thick bamboo sticks, or be stabbed with needles, etc. An example of one who was given such tortures is Liu Jiebing, who became disabled after a severe beating to his legs. This evil torture would only stop after the practitioners wrote the guarantee statement. Such dirty tricks make people very upset.

9) Since 2001, practitioners of Xishanping labor camp have gone on hunger strikes many times to protest these brutal treatments. During these strikes the practitioners are often viciously force-fed through tubes. Among these hunger strikes, the most notable was in August 2001, because so many practitioners participated and it lasted for such a long time.

Over 60 practitioners decided to take this action when practitioner Li Zetao was tortured to death. On the third day of the hunger strike, Chen Jianping, a doctor in the labor camp was immensely proud to bring in the tubes and start the force-feeding. Thick tubes were deliberately used and brutally and harshly inserted through the practitioners' nostrils. Some of the practitioners' noses were bleeding. Some practitioners had tubes stuck in their noses, but the evil deliberately did not pour in the food for a long time. Even worse, the tubes had never been washed or sterilized. The tubes were covered in dark blood and mucous, and were switched from one practitioner to another. Some practitioners threw up, and some had diarrhea. They did not know what kind of food was fed to them. They were force-fed twice every day. From 8 a.m. in the morning to 12 a.m. at night, the sad and shrill sounds of practitioners could be heard. Even some "re-education assistants" felt bad and cried at the sight; their faces were covered in tears.