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The Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Yanshan County, Hebei Province

April 28, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Around New Year's Day of 2001, the Yanshan County government and the police station illegally arrested many Falun Dafa practitioners. They persecuted practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal by means of brutal beatings, detentions, labor camps, heavy fines, and confiscating the property of their family members, etc. It was said that when Shijiazhuang and Tangshan Labor Camps refused to accept Falun Dafa practitioners, the Party Secretary of Yanshan County Wang Taichang even bribed them in order to send the practitioners there.

  1. Yanshan County Mengdian Police Station police Liu Tao and Gao Xuewu forced practitioners to take off their clothes and shoes, and poured cold water on their bodies and feet. When it was cold in early February, he forced practitioners to stand outside, and some practitioners' feet got frostbite.
  2. Yanshan County Detention Center had 50-60 practitioners. Many of them were sent to the labor camp, including eight practitioners from Yanshan County. Liu Jiandong from the Town of Chengguan was detained at Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. Three practitioners from Yanshan County Qingyun Town are held in labor camps. Du Junqing of Houboji Village was sentenced to three years in labor camp, and Wang Hongyao of Zhongqin Village was sentenced to two years in labor camp. Both of them are in the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. Yu Mingjing of Yuhuangzhen Village was sentenced to two years in Kaiping Female Labor Camp in Tangshan City.
  3. Other practitioners from Yanshan County, Liu Jinghui of Nanguan, and laid off workers of Yanshan County Food Bureau Li Xiumei and Zhao Ruifeng, Xing Xiuyun of Kingyun Town Zhongqin Village, Yu Shuiting of Kingyun town Yuhuanzhen Village are all detained at the county's detention center, where practitioners are forced to do physical labor for long periods of time. They are only allowed to sleep for two hours everyday, and they face heavy fines of at least 5000 Yuan or they are sent to the forced labor camp. When they did not have the money, their families' property was confiscated. Lu Fengyang of Dawangbao in Wangshu Town was illegally fined 5000 Yuan. Liu Jinghui was fined, and his house was searched several times. The police confiscated the TV, cassette player, and some farm equipment. They even confiscated some practitioners' water pumps, sewing machines, old bicycles, grain (in some cases, the last bags of corn the practitioners had), cattle, furniture, clothes, and the beer in practitioners' stores etc. They openly robbed and robbed the practitioners and their families.
  4. Twenty practitioners used to be detained in a garage in the courtyard of the Kingyun Township government. They did not allow the families to visit the practitioners or to send food, clothes, and blankets when it was bitterly cold. They only gave every practitioner one steamed bun a day and charged 10 Yuan for each. (Approximately 100 times the market price) After the practitioners went on hunger strike for 6 days, the police brutally beat them. When beating the practitioners, the police turned off the lights and used flashlights. They used very thick batons and electric shock clubs. Some practitioners were even beaten mercilessly three times during a single night and could not walk afterwards. The police tightly blocked the release of any information and beat those whom they thought might leak the information even harder.
  5. Many practitioners have been forced to become homeless, such as Xing Xiuhua of Chengguan Township, Yanshan County government employee Liu Yuancheng, Liu Shuzhen of Liuhongmiao Village, Zhang Yufeng (a retiree of Yanshan County South Iron Factory) and others. Many practitioners have been laid off from work or had their retirement pension discontinued.

Those responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in Yanshan County:

Hebei Yanshan County zip code: 061300

Wang Taichang, Yanshan County Party Secretary, is person primarily responsible for the persecution. Tel. 86-317-6221756

Qi Kaitai is the head of Yanshan County. Tel. 86-317-6221219

Wang Jianguo and Zhang Qingguo of Yanshan County Police Station, Tel. 86-317-6225356, 86-317-6221029, 86-317-6226110

Liu Baoting, the Party Secretary of Kingyun Township

Li Jinhuan, the Assistant Party Secretary of Kingyun Township is in charge of "610 Office" that persecutes Falun Gong.

Fan Chuntian is the Mayor of Kingyun Township. Tel. 86-317-6340005, 86-317-6340232 Wang Weiping is the chief of Kingyun Township Police Station. Tel. 86-317-6340046 The third squad of Yanshan County Police is in charge of confiscating practitioners' possessions. Tel. 86-317-6226110

The chief inspector of Yanshan County Judicial Bureau: 86-317-6221768 Office # 86-317-6225557 Reporting tel. 86-317-6222000

Yanshan County National People's Congress: 86-317-6221321(office), 86-317-6221441 (conference room)

Yanshan County Political Parties Association: president's office: 86-317-6221176, office: 86-317-6221402

Yanshan County Appeals Office: 86-317-6221086

Yanshan County Detention Center: 86-317-6261342

Yanshan County Chengqu Police Station: 86-317-6221475

Yanshan County Chengguan Police Station: 86-317-6221077, 86-137-6221110

Wangshu Town Police Station: 86-317-6350034

Mengdian Police Station: 86-317-6360050