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Solemn Declarations From Young Practitioners

April 28, 2002 |  

Solemn Declaration

We are middle school students. Under the direction of the propaganda from school, we signed our names on Dafa-slandering banners. We hereby solemnly declare that our signatures are null and void. We will not give in to the old forces' plans. We'll practice Dafa firmly and return home with our Teacher.

Yang Man and Song Fei, March 2002


Solemn Declaration

Under the lies of the evil I was once disrespectful toward the Teacher and Dafa. After reading Teacher's scriptures and the downloaded articles from Clearwisdom, I realized the severity of my mistakes. I hereby declare that everything I wrote in elementary school that defamed Dafa is null and void. I will follow the Teacher's Fa-rectification process closely.

Wang Qi, a young practitioner that had obtained the Fa, March 16, 2002


Solemn Declaration

I am a junior middle school student, and I have obtained the Fa for almost 6 years. But on 2001, after I saw the so-called "Self-immolation" reports on CCTV, because my Fa study wasn't deep enough, and under the influence of the propaganda, I have committed deeds that were against Dafa. I created my own evils and lived under my own fearful mentalities. I regret my actions very much. I hereby declare that all that I have done and said are null and void. I will relearn Dafa, assimilate myself with Dafa and follow Teacher closely. I will redouble my efforts to compensate for my mistakes so that I can undo the damage that I have done to Dafa, and I will be a Dafa particle.

Practitioner Sun Na, April 17, 2002


Solemn Declaration

I am a young Dafa practitioner; I hereby declare that everything that I've written that was against Dafa is null and void. From now on I will "Follow Teacher closely, steadfastly cultivating Dafa." I will send forth righteous thoughts and become a satisfactory practitioner.

Practitioner Zhang Shangchao April 18, 2002



I regret that I signed my name during the last anti-Falun Gong signature ceremony. At the beginning I didn't want to sign it. The instructor said that if we didn't sign we would be expelled. My heart began to contemplate. After I signed, I regretted it very much. After I returned home I started crying. Finally, I was enlightened that I must be firm in my righteous thoughts. No matter how the instructor forces me in the future, I will not sign. I hereby declare that my signature is void and null. This is the most regrettable thing that I have done in my life.

Practitioner Sun Xiaoyue April 17, 2002