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Even If There is Only a One Percent Chance, Do Not Give Up On Saving Someone

April 27, 2002 |  


I know that I have come from a remote cosmic body to meet up with Teacher on behalf of the sentient beings in my cosmic body so that they can assimilate to Dafa at this opportune time of Fa-Rectification. Despite the seriousness of this mission, I often found myself having fallen, knowingly or unknowingly, a victim of my own attachments, and I overlook the importance of my assignment. The excuse often flashing across my mind was -- "I have passed on the message. If they still don't want to listen, forget it." And just as often afterwards, I would blame myself for losing many good opportunities for clarifying the truth to people. At times, I felt that the responsibility was just too big for me.

Later, when I had calmed down and carefully examined my own thoughts, I discovered that I gave up too easily, hence allowing the hidden evil to get the upper hand. Since then, I have found a way to get rid of this evil interference and set myself back on the correct path again every time. I have noticed that many of our fellow practitioners are suffering from similar problems as well. Looking at the whole situation from my own perspective, giving up too easily is no better than succumbing to evil. And, from the perspective of humankind, I had allowed the opportunity to save the people's lives slip by too easily.

I understand now what is meant by Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples' compassion. At present, most human body shells on earth are housing higher beings from distant cosmic bodies. Therefore, the compassion that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples have is not only towards everyday people, but also towards higher beings from gigantic cosmic bodies, as well as all the sentient beings within their cosmic worlds. I understand now why Teacher mentioned over and over again the greatness of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. This understanding also gives me great encouragement in carrying out my mission as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

If I were to give up my mission too easily, the seriousness of the outcome would become obvious: I would actually be giving up on the lives of all sentient beings within my own celestial system! Moreover, I would also be giving up the lives of all other Lords and Kings, as well as all the sentient beings included in their celestial systems. Since every move I take dictates the future life or death of innumerable beings, should I not treat the issue with utmost seriousness? Therefore if these sentient beings cannot assimilate to Dafa due to my own attachments, is it not the same as terminating their life? Could there be anything more sorrowful and regretful than that?

I know clearly that I am not the sole possessor of my life - I am also responsible for all sentient beings within the system of my celestial body, and I am also responsible for all the righteous elements within the universe as well. I do not have the right or the excuse to give up "easily" on my mission and I must value everything covered by level of the universe. Whereas, the evil force is continually burrowing into the loopholes created by my attachments and notions, making me slack off, become indifferent, seek to take the easy way out, and unwittingly renounce my responsibility. Therefore, we must not confuse ourselves by this apparent state but rather, we should clearly identify the source and look at the problem from Dafa's perspective, and then get rid of it with our righteous thoughts.

Teacher wants to save all the sentient beings in the universe, whereas the old forces are utilizing the sentient beings to commit further crimes against Dafa. They are not concerned about the future existence or the death of the sentient beings, as long as they are protected themselves. Isn't this a merciless and warped thinking? When the thought "give up trying" appears among Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, isn't that also a manifestation of the cruel and warped thinking of the old forces? Shouldn't this deviated element be rectified?

Teacher does not even give up saving those practitioners who had once turned against Dafa. Such infinite mercy, how much of it do we actually perceive? When I read through the recent Lecture of Teacher's in North America, I was deeply moved. The feeling was beyond words. Think about it, our Teacher values our lives more than we value them ourselves. Can we be so hardhearted on ourselves, and towards the sentient beings within our own cosmic system? Can I simply relinquish my own life or that of the sentient beings within our cosmic system by tolerating my own attachments? Can we be so hardhearted watching those sentient beings walk toward the edge of destruction? Can we simply give them up using the excuse that they have low moral standards and degenerate notions?

I am reminded of a story from ancient China. There was once a man who was known for his selfishness. He would only take from others but would not give out to other people. One day while crossing the river in a boat with some other people, he fell into the water. The people on board shouted, "Give us your hand, we will pull you up." But the man refused. One person who knew him well suddenly had an idea and said to the drowning man, "I will give you my hand, just grab it." So the man was saved. The moral is this - an ordinary person in ancient times knew how to go along with a selfish person for the sake of saving him. As Dafa practitioners, can we not tolerate the attachments of others and try to help them similarly?

As can be seen clearly, the old force is becoming more aggressive as time is getting close for their power to be removed. Whenever we deviate slightly from our correct thoughts, they will use us to their advantage. How can we make a breakthrough from the notion of "give up trying" in our minds? I feel that the key lies in whether we can remember that we are practitioners at all times. When our minds are strong, our hearts right and we stay in harmony with the Fa, we can quickly and easily identify the old forces manipulating us. We can then grab hold of it and destroy it with righteous thoughts. During this time, the indifference and coldness within us will lose their effect. Our sense of having a cause will be stronger and mercifulness will appear. The human side will quickly revert back to the divine side.

In the last moments of Fa-Rectification, every minute and every second is crucial. As long as Fa-Rectification has not yet ended, all the sentient beings will have a chance to be saved, be it only one in a hundred. And as long as Fa-Rectification is still not over, we should continue to try hard. This is where the greatness and mercifulness of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples lie.