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Practitioners' Faith Unshaken Despite Brutal Torture at Wujiabaozi Forced Labor Camp

April 23, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Wujiabaozi Forced Labor Camp in Fushun City, Liaoning Province received the Jiang regime's award in 2001 for its brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners. Since 1999, about 3,000 practitioners have been persecuted there; at least two practitioners were tortured to death, and several others have suffered permanent disability.

1. Hunger Strikes

Dafa practitioners have never ceased to use hunger strikes to protest the persecution. Before the Chinese New Year of 2002, dozens of female practitioners staged a hunger strike to protest the torture of practitioner Zou Guirong. The prison authority sent in male criminal inmates to do forced-feeding. The male inmates were publicly told to "feel free to touch the female practitioners' bodies." They sent critically injured practitioners to the No. 2 Hospital but continued the torture there. That way any death can be blamed on "medical malpractice."

On February 4, 2002, twenty-five male practitioners began a hunger strike in support of the female practitioners. Now, 51 days later, three practitioners, Yao Yanhui, Wang Zhongyuan, Wang Dejun are still persisting. They are severely traumatized both mentally and physically, and their conditions are very critical. Every day they are force-fed with corn soup. The prison guards lock them in a dark and cold storage room, which has no heater.

2. Indefinite detention terms

Among those detained practitioners, thirty-six were arrested and detained without explanation. Some of them have been detained for as long as 6 months, while the rest have been detained for about 3 to 4 months. Government officials at the "610 office" have unchecked authority to arrest anyone at any time without warrant and due process. When questioned by Dafa practitioners, Shuncheng District Political and Security Committee Secretary Mr. Wang replies, "The Party's policies are flexible and we can use them our own way."

Qingyuan County Yongtoushan Police Station deputy chief viciously claimed, "We only arrest good people, instead of bad ones."

The Political and Security Committee's "610 office" ordered the illegal arrest and detention of the thirty-six practitioners to long terms without due cause.

3. Inhumane treatment

No. 9 Team is the first gate of hell for Dafa practitioner. When first stepping into the cell, Dafa practitioners are attacked by criminal inmates. The thugs use various torture methods, such as, "stir fry liver" (beating the throat) and "hit the brake" (stepping on the head and pushing against the wall). They also throw cold water onto practitioners during the winter. Their purpose is to force practitioners to give up their faith. After the "stir fry liver," practitioners Jiang Weijie (47 years old) and Zhao Minggui (59 years old), suffered severe damage to their vocal cords. Almost three months later, they are still speaking with a hoarse voice.

The regular criminal inmates are allowed to send and receive mails, but the practitioners are forbidden. Inmates can see their family members regularly, once a month, but practitioners cannot. Family members are forced to curse Dafa and our Teacher before a visit. Anyone who refuses to do so will not be allowed to visit his or her loved ones.

Our food is primarily soup and salted vegetables. We are given one serving of rice per day. The rest is low quality corn bread. No cooking oil is used in our meals. The quality of meals is getting worse day by day, but the cost to practitioners is as high as 300 to 800 Yuan per month [400 Yuan is average monthly income in urban China].

Recess time is limited to less than 20 minutes per day. After April 5th, no recess time was allowed. Practitioners are forced to sit in the cell all day long. Their faces are pale from lack of sunlight.

The evil police guards often physically and verbally abuse us. They have no decent words for practitioners. During meetings, the minute the camp director would open his mouth, curse words would come out. Once practitioner Wang Zengli (52 years old) was sitting in the bed. Prison guard Wang Lixin claimed that he saw Wang Zengli conjoin his hands (a gesture in meditation) through the surveillance camera. He broke into the cell and punished Wang Zengli with beating and kicking.

When he was first promoted to division chief, Wang Jun banned bathroom visits at night.

4. Non-compliance with the persecution

Meng Chonghe (32, male) is a native of Tieling City. After he betrayed "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance," this man was possessed by demons and lost all human nature. Early in March, Meng Chonghe severely beat up practitioner Cui Yuqing (53). At the time, Cui had been on hunger strike for many days and was very weak. The crazed Meng injured the old man so badly that he needed six stitches on his head. The prison authorities tried to cover it up, but all the male practitioners started a hunger strike to appeal for disciplinary actions against Meng. Under pressure, the prison added 3 months to Meng's term. In the meantime, they also added two months to victim Cui's term, claiming that Cui had meditated. Cui opposed the decision and continued the hunger strike.

Prison authorities posted pictures defaming Falun Gong on the wall and forced us to watch. We refused and strongly protested. They had to give up on that.

With the help and encouragement from each other, those who "enlightened" along an evil path due to lack of understanding of the Fa are coming back to Dafa. Fewer and fewer people stay on the evil path. More and more are committed to the Fa. Among the 44 male practitioners, only 7 betrayed the Fa. Of the 29 women practitioners, not a single one has yielded to the evil. In the whole labor camp, among the 80 or so people I know, only five compromised their principles. Those who yield to the evil become increasingly isolated. A year ago, the camp told the media, "We are able to convince over 98% of the people to give up Falun Gong." One year later, the hard evidence has delivered a heavy blow to these lies.

Dafa practitioner

March 27, 2002


On March 30, 2002, about 120 female practitioners staged a hunger strike to protest the camp's decision to transfer practitioners to Zhangdang area for further persecution. As of today (4/3/2002), the hunger strike is in Day Five.

On April 1, Wang Zhongyuan was weak and pale due to his hunger strike of over 40 days. When he refused to be force-fed, deputy division chief Wang Jun tortured Wang Zhongyuan. They used electric batons to shock his neck, hands, and lower back. They also forced him to bend down and open his arms like an airplane. After Wang Zhongyuan's refusal, they intensified their inhumane beating. On the same day, the thugs also tortured Yao Yanhui, who has been on hunger strike for two months.

April 3, 2002