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PRNewswire: International Human Rights Activists Join in Calling for Reform of the United Nations Human Rights Commission

April 02, 2002 |  

April 1, 2002

Human Rights Parallel Forum in Geneva to Question UNHRC Structure

GENEVA, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- On Wednesday, April 3, 2002 the Human Rights Parallel Forum will hold a day-long conference at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva to address the increasing concern that governments that are the worst violators of human rights obtain with ease a seat before the United Nations Human Rights Commission to silence those they oppress.

The Human Rights Parallel Forum's objective is to provide NGOs and victims of repression a venue to inform on the human rights violations committed by rogue regimes and call for reforms that address the structure and regulations of the UNHRC.

At the conference numerous NGOs and respected human rights activists are scheduled to participate.á Among the panelists are Erping Zhang, President of the Falun Gong International Committee for Human Rights, [...].á There will also be a video presentation of victims of repression who are prohibited from traveling abroad.

"This forum provides a unique opportunity for the media, government representatives and NGOs to obtain current information that is regrettably withheld during the session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission meeting," said Sylvia Iriondo, President of Mothers & Women Against Repression and one of the conference organizers.

Panel discussions will address subjects from the procedure and regulations of the United Nations Human Rights Commission to terrorist states, human rights abuses and their correlation.á After each panel there will a question-and-answer period.

The Human Rights Parallel Forum is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Apollon Room of the President Wilson Hotel, located at 47 Quai Wilson in Geneva, followed by a cocktail reception.á The Forum is open to the press throughout the day.á Organizers and panelists will be available to take questions and provide information upon request.áThe Forum will be conducted in English.á