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Inside Story of a Brainwashing Class in Wei County, Hebei Province - Kidnapping, Abuse and Extortion

April 17, 2002 |  


During the second half of August 2001, "610 Office" personnel in Wei County, Hebei Province, founded a brainwashing class and gave it an official-sounding name, "educational base of the legal system," when it was in actuality a horrible place to illegally persecute Dafa practitioners. All this "class" had accomplished was breaking the law, trampling human rights and insulting the personality of the practitioners. These lawbreakers used hoaxes and kidnapping as ways to forcefully brainwash Dafa practitioners and threaten them to give up their belief. Practitioners who remained steadfast would be persecuted more severely, being brutally beaten, forced to do heavy manual labor, barbarously force-fed and shocked with electric batons. [Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the party and all other political and judiciary systems.]

Dafa practitioner Ms. Yuan Jinfeng lived at Sijie Street in Weizhou Town. One morning when she was doing chores at home, corrupt officials from the street community office and town police station suddenly broke into her home to arrest her. Ms. Yuan resisted. The hoodlums beat her down to the ground, then picked her up by the hands and feet to put her into the car. Her seven-year-old daughter was badly frightened. She wailed and was left with no one to look after her.

Han Xiujun worked at the County Hospital. Since June 2001, officials in her unit did not allow her to work, which cut off all her income. Under the instigation of the "610 Office," the thugs returned to persecute her again, arresting her one evening. She refused to open the door. The thugs climbed the wall and jumped into the yard. They broke the lock and pried the window open and then they came in. They grabbed her hair and carried her by her hands and legs to put her into the car. Afterwards it was found that a large area of her hair was pulled out and exposed the scalp. Her mother, who was over 60 years old, had tried to prevent this illegal arrest. The evil persons also forcibly took her to the police station to threaten her. The neighbors witnessed the scene. They were shocked and filled with moral indignation. Some tried to reason with the thugs, so the evil persons went so far to beat them!

Dafa practitioners Shi Chunlian and Li Runmei, both from Daiwangcheng Town, and Guo Yuping, carpet factory-workers, were kidnapped one day at noon. The meal was ready, however, they didn't have time to have it before being forced away. The day that they were kidnapped was China's traditional reunion day -- the Mid-Autumn Festival. The evil persons only cared about their own interest and totally ignored the situations that their persecution caused the practitioners' families, broken up by the arrest of their family members.

Dafa practitioner Duan Xiu'e from Nuanquan Town and Huo Shuqin from Nanliuzhuang Town were lured to come to the authorities to "have a talk." They were told that they "will be back several days later." There were several other practitioners who were lured and deceived with more ridiculous excuses such as "borrow you for a few days to 'muddle' with the upper level." However, once you got in, it would be out of your control. The poor old man, Zhang Shanpin from Xiheying Town, out of fear, wrote the "guarantee statement" under evil threats and enticement. The evil also forced him to pay 1,500 Yuan as "tuition fee." Nevertheless, the evil have not released him. [Note: "guarantee statements" are declarations that a Falun Dafa practitioner will never go to Beijing to appeal, never again associate with other practitioners, never again spread the Fa, and is sorry to have practiced Falun Gong in the first place.]

The lawless thugs in the brainwashing class claimed to outsiders how kindly they were treating practitioners. Yet, how much attention have they actually paid to Dafa practitioners? The claims are all lies. They forced practitioners to run, to listen to so-called lessons slandering Master and Dafa, had them perform heavy physical labor and beat them for any hesitation in following their orders. Guo Yuping was surrounded and beaten brutally by several hoodlums. Duan Xiue was shocked with an electric baton by police officer Liang Gen. Han Xiurong was once beaten so hard that her mouth turned black and purple and became severely swollen. Ms. Huo Shuqin was pulled down from the top of the bunk bed by Li Weigang from the legislation bureau and thrown down on the hard floor, face down. She was wearing glasses at that time. Dafa practitioners from Yangzhuangke Township were also severely beaten several times. Dafa practitioner Xin Shuzhen from Nanlingzhuang Township was old and didn't feel well enough to eat at the beginning when she was sent to the "class." Li Weigang thought that she had gone on a hunger strike and beat her severely for it. She was unable to stand up straight for several days, despite being a healthy woman in her late forties.

Gao Shuqin, female, deputy head of Chenjiawa Township, had beaten Dafa practitioners several times. Once she forced Zhou Cuimei and Xin Shuzhen to "sweep" the floor. What she did was first to push them down to the floor to beat them viciously, then splash water on the floor and pull their hands and feet back and forth on the floor. She was using Dafa practitioners' body and clothes to "mop" the floor. After that, she stripped off their upper clothes to clean the table. Later, she drugged the Dafa practitioners who had been abused back to their room and threw them on the bed and walked away. The abused Dafa practitioners said that they had headaches and had become weak. However, Gao shamelessly said, "They are faking it!"

Peng Liming from Daiwangcheng Town and Han Yi, also from Daiwangcheng Town but now a student in a police school, and Zhao Yuqiao have often abused Dafa practitioners. One time, Peng Liming pushed practitioner Duan Xiu'e to the ground and stomped on her fiercely and hit her so hard with a stool that Duan Xiu'e almost lost consciousness. Zhao Yuqiao treated the practitioners in his town viciously, too. He was not softhearted, even to 17-year old practitioner Pang Jinlong. Han Yi and the practitioner Shi Chunlian were relatives--aunt and niece. When he couldn't persuade Shi Cunlian to give up her hunger strike, regardless of how weak she was after being on it for ten days, he started to beat her. One time he beat a practitioner's leg and ankle with a broom handle. Liu Youhong from the county hospital was also very vicious and ferocious. He beat practitioner Han Xiurong, who even worked in the same hospital with him, and exclaimed, "I will watch you be sent to a labor camp." He treated other practitioners viciously, too. He dragged them to be force-fed and clamored, "Don't think you are not in my charge. Nowadays, it doesn't matter who makes you practitioners suffer, and anyone can do anything to you without fear of being punished." Hao Fu was a law-breaking official from Nanliuzhuang Town. While practitioner Ren Jirong was lying on the table after being force fed, Hao Fu used two stools to render Ren immobile.

Practitioners in the brainwashing class were firm and steadfast in their righteous beliefs all long and protested the maltreatment with a hunger strike. The unlawful thugs conducted brutal force-feeding. They would gather practitioners in the dining room during regular mealtime and let the practitioners watch them eat and drink in order to make practitioners give up. Gao Shuqin from Chenjiawa Township, Liang Gen from the police department, and Wang Guozhong from the government led unlawful thugs to forcibly and violently overfeed practitioners with wine and a paste made with concentrated saline solution. It made some practitioners vomit bile. One time, they force fed practitioners with this paste blended with lard. The stuff that practitioners vomited out was covered with a layer of lard. When practitioners questioned them why they were so inhumane, Wang Guozhong even shamelessly answered, "It's a doctor prescription." Practitioner Huo Shuqin once vomited in the hallway after being force fed. The lawless thugs commanded her to clean it up. After she refused, they punished her by making her stand in the hallway to suffer the freezing cold, from the afternoon to about 10:00 p.m., until she passed out. They even required other practitioners to accompany her to suffer the cold weather, too. Mr. Ren Jirong was tortured to become very skinny and weak but the thugs still required him to dump trash from a handcart. They even put hot pepper oil into his mouth. Practitioner Wu Yu from Yongjiazhuang Township kept burping due to force-feeding. The evil thugs laughed at him, humiliated and brutally beat him for it. Evil thug Gao Shuqin willfully threw food on the practitioners and put food into the pockets of practitioners while making fun of it. A doctor with a sense of justice who had been on duty in the brainwashing class said indignantly after getting out of there, "It's too villainous to treat women and children in such a murderous way." On the contrary, the other doctor whose last name was Deng had no doctor's morality at all. He often insulted the practitioners after he had become drunk. The practitioners had been force fed with wine most viciously when he was on duty.

The evil thugs even would not let go of practitioners who had been mistreated to the brink of death. Wu Yu and Yuan Jinfeng were sent to a detention center for further abuse after they had been on a hunger strike for half a month and were physically extremely weak. When the evil couldn't get their way at last, they had to craftily allow the practitioners to get out on bail so that they had an excuse to "step down," and at the same time they could extort more money from the practitioners. Practitioner Xiao Han from Wei County Hospital had been mistreated for over four months, during which time her family members were not allowed to see her. She had been on her third hunger strike for over a month and was near death. The hospital leaders regarded a life as a mere nothing and sent her to a brainwashing class in Zhangjiakou City. Since she was rejected due to her health condition, the hospital had to send her back home. Later they went to her home to harass her many times, which caused both physical and mental trauma for her.

The brainwashing class officials accumulated money frenziedly using shameless means. Dafa practitioners sent to the brainwashing class were forced to pay "tuition." The "tuition" for each 15-day session was 1,500 Yuan [the average monthly income in rural China is 200 Yuan] at the beginning. Later they changed it to 1,000 Yuan. The money extorted from citizens was spent freely by those thugs. Several people in charge of the brainwashing class had several demeaning arguments how the money should be distributed. They also resorted to the dirty means of "implication" in collecting money. Instead of collecting "tuition" directly from practitioners, they ordered towns, townships or companies to pay this "tuition." Xiao Han was working in a county hospital that had not been paid since June 2001, and her salary was cancelled to pay the "tuition" of the brainwashing class. Since most of the Dafa practitioners had lost their jobs, which township would be likely to pay "tuition?" In the end, the families of Dafa practitioners were forced to pay, which incited hatred within companies and townships for Dafa practitioners [since they thought the practitioners had made trouble for them].

Kind and steadfast Dafa practitioners are examples of moral excellence. This does not mean that they can be bullied and humiliated by every possible means. It is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil. For the future of the human beings, please come and support "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."