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Sichuan Province Dazu County Police Abuse, Kidnap and Extort Money from Falun Dafa Practitioners

April 15, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Police from Dazu County Politics and Judiciary Committee, Police Department Section One (under the sole management of the 610 Office), Education Department and local police stations (especially in Sanchu, Dengyun, Longshui Town, Longgang Town) are persecuting every practitioner in Dazu County by illegally confining them, refusing to let them eat, charging fines, and making false accusations. It does not stop here. They also tell lies about Falun Dafa and incite hate in our schools, slandering Dafa and our Teacher and deceiving innocent high school and primary school students.

On April 8, 2000 (Moon Calendar), Head Officers Li Fei and Zhou Ji from the Police Department Section One kidnapped more than twenty practitioners, including Liu Hongju (female), Tang Jing (female), Tang Dayu (female), Zhen Xueyao (female), Hou Caoying (female), Jiang Cangwu, Zeng Xianjin, Jiang Zhonglian, Yi Yanzhong, Su Shijie, Li Kaixiang, Hu Yukun, Li Liangduan, Zhao Zonglu, Zhen Xuegang, Chen Qingbin, and Yu Zhaohai and detained them at the Longgang Town Hotel. The next day, they were transferred to the detention centre and custodial center and detained for around 35 days. During this time, police from Section One and criminals abused practitioners by forbidding them to eat, forcing them to kneel (forcing Zhao Zonglu and Zhen Xuegang to kneel for more than two hours), ordering them to write statements promising not to practice Falun Dafa and extorting money from their families (every family had to pay around 3500 - 4500 Yuan, approximately eight months wages of an average urban worker in China). At the same time they threatened the families with forced- labor camp sentencing if the families did not give them bribes of money or presents. Practitioners Liu Hongju, Tang Jing, Zhen Xueyao and Li Kaixiang were sentenced to one year in a labor camp without a just cause. Even though Zhen Xueyao is more than 60 years old, he was not spared. Later he was released because he did not pass the health check. The more than ten thousand Yuan that the detention centre extorted were used to buy new cars. Some kind-hearted police knew in the depths of their hearts that these people had committed no crimes. During this detention period, many practitioners lost five to six kilograms of weight and had trouble walking.

During the same year on December 30, authorities from Dazu County sentenced the practitioners who went to appeal to one year at Xishanping and Maojiashan Labor Camp. These practitioners included Chen Qingbin, Zhen Xuegang, Zhao Zonglu, Li Liangduan, Zhou Zongxing, Tang Dayu. At midnight on December 14, police from the local police department, Politics and Law Committee and Police Department Section One kidnapped practitioners Zeng Xianjin, Jiang Changwu, Shi Dingfu, Zhen Xueyao, Li Kaixiang, Zhang Changjiu, Dun Shangyuan, Chen Xiaoning and Chen Guokang and jailed them at Longgang Town Hotel to be forcefully brainwashed. They were illegally jailed for more than five months and were forbidden to go back home to be reunited with their families during New Year. Police from Dunyun Police Station actually went to the hotel to beat up the practitioners (when they were beating practitioner Chen Guokang, they forced him not to yell out). They tried to use this brutality to force practitioners to give up their belief.

Dun Shangyua (female) is a highly regarded teacher. After pressure from Sanqu Police Station, practitioner Dun's school fired her without any remittance payments. She was even forbidden to sell water in front of the school. They also forced Dun's parents to watch her every move. Even though practitioners Dun Xuegang (teacher) and Chen Qingbin (teacher) were released by the Xishanping Labor Camp, the authorities from Dazu County still did not let them off the hook. Practitioners Dun Xuegang and Dun Shangyua were deceived into going to the Longgang Town Hotel brainwashing class and were only released after they protested by going on a hunger strike. Practitioner Chen Qingbin was forced to leave home.

At 2am in the morning of December 29, 2001, police from Dunyun Police Station broke into practitioner Li Liangduan's home with the aim of arresting him. After discovering Li was not home, they actually arrested his wife Liu Yaozuo instead. She was only released the next day. After that, they went to practitioner Li's home many times and harassed him at work, thus seriously disturbing production at his factory.

Recently, Dazu County Police Station kidnapped practitioners Liu Hongju and Zhao Dong and held them at Dazu County Detention Centre.

Dazu County has committed many crimes and these few are exposed so that people will know the truth of the persecution. Actually the police who are being used as tools are mostly people deceived by the government. Here we solemnly tell them: it is almost the end of the days for the evil Jiang organisation. The time when the Fa rectifies the human world will arrive soon. For your sake and your family's future, stop what you are doing right now. Following evil and persecuting righteousness is not the way to go. If you do not return to the right path of understanding and supporting Dafa, you will be judged by history. Your life will be destroyed layer by layer and you will pay for everything you have done.