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San Francisco Practitioners' Appeal Enters Its First Week - City Council Member Expresses Support

March 25, 2002 |  

City council member Daily speakingBanners calling to stop the killingPedestrians reading exhibition boards
Exhibition boards showing practitioners who died in persecutionGroup practiceTeaching interested people Dafa exercises

On March 22, about 40 San Francisco practitioners gathered in front of a San Francisco City government building to continue their peaceful appeal to the city government. The city government has been requested to show its concern over Jiang regime's order to kill without mercy Falun Gong practitioners.

At the press conference held at noon, practitioners appealed:

  1. to the US government at all levels to help Falun Gong practitioners and condemn Jiang regime's order to kill without mercy Falun Gong practitioners
  2. to the US government to condemn the Chinese government's brutal persecution of Falun Gong at the UN Human Rights conference
  3. to the kind hearted people of San Francisco who have shown their concern and have helped Falun Gong practitioners by working together to stop the persecution

San Francisco council member Mr. Chris Daily expressed his concerns about the escalating persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. He said, "Being here is my responsibility as a city council member. San Francisco is a city with a long history of supporting human rights. In the 1960's and in the recent development of human rights violations in Burma, San Francisco has stood up and expressed its citizen's concerns. We also hope, in the near future, that the city council will pass a resolution to condemn the repressive practices of the Chinese government that are against human rights. I personally admire greatly the courage you have shown. When facing the Chinese government's brutal persecution, you have stood out to clarify the truth to people. I call upon my colleagues, city council members, and mayor to stand by our side to condemn the persecution, disclose the lies, and uphold justice. I also hope you will continue your work. The truth will come out and justice will prevail."

During appeal activities over the past week, many practitioners overcame difficulties and went to the city government building. Their endeavors have won the appreciation of the people that work in the city government. Many pedestrians visited the exhibition boards and expressed their anger towards Jiang regime's criminal acts and support practitioners' appeals. Some people learned the exercises on the spot. Practitioners are very thankful for the support of kind people.