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Summary of Other Articles and News - 03/18/2002

March 21, 2002 |  

Saving Sentient Beings is the Fundamental

We try to send rural people truth-clarifying materials that are written in a simple and concise language, with comprehensive contents. The majority of the people to whom we clarify the truth are peasants who are barely literate. I selected from many of the fellow practitioners' articles the essential parts and clarified to them, in a few words, the fact that we are being persecuted. One small paragraph per topic. The short article used for the two-minute truth-clarifying telephone call is very good content.

People Who Understand the Truth

A driver working in a government organization learned about how Falun Dafa is being persecuted from his primary school classmates. In turn, he told his family members, relatives, colleagues, the Party Secretary of the organization where he works and the Party Secretary of a mining company about the truth of the persecution. He also copied the materials, sent them to others and passed them on the bus of his workplace. For this, he was demoted to a lower rank and transferred to work in a remote area. He had no regret for his actions. Instead, he encouraged his schoolmates to insist on knowing the truth. Now he is reading the book Zhuan Falun.

Police and the People Reveal Their True Thoughts and are Discerning Between the Righteous and the Evil

Two Dafa practitioners went to a police department to promote the Fa to the police. A policeman said, "One day a practitioner gave out flyers, and I just pretended I didn't see him." Another policeman regretfully said, "We are all Jiang regime's claws. How many police participating in this persecution are good people?"

A practitioner waited with his neighbors for a gas truck to change pitchers. A neighbor said, "See, how nice this college kid is. Just because he practices Falun Gong, his work unit wouldn't let him work." Another neighbor said, "China is ruined. Didn't Falun Gong say 'the evil is completely eliminated?' When Jiang's regime is eliminated, I'll celebrate with firecrackers."

Media Reports

VOA (Voice of America) reported in Toronto on March 16: over 10 non-governmental organizations in Canada called upon the Canadian government to take the lead in condemning the Chinese government for the deteriorating human rights conditions at the UN Human Rights Commission Conference. Irwin Cotler, a Member of Parliament, thought that the Canadian government should be responsible for condemning the deteriorating human rights conditions in China.

News from China

Today, 115 practitioners published their solemn declarations that everything they did and said that was unfit for a Falun Dafa practitioner while under the tremendous pressure, torture and brainwashing is invalid. They will redouble their efforts to make up for the damage done, clarify the truth to people and catch up with Master Li's Fa-rectification process.

Just because I wouldn't give up my belief, the perpetrators illegally detained me, ransacked my home, and forced my husband to divorce me. In the "brainwashing class," I was put into a morgue room with many corpses (there for autopsies). The perpetrators tortured us by forcing us to do military drills and cut grass, forcing us under the baking sun, and pouring cold water on us. Later on, I was held at a detention center for almost a year.

Views and Perspectives

Jiang Zemin's "laws" are nothing but the orders of a tyrant, which violate the constitution, and are devoid of any morals. Beyond the laws made by nations, there also exists the eternal justice, which is the criterion used to measure the laws of human beings. Based on this viewpoint, the international society generally thinks that the Nazi murderers, who used the excuse that they were only "carrying out the higher authority's orders," are still guilty, and so must receive the penalty. "The law" that violates the basic moral standard is not lawful. It is just the order to kill, which treats human life as if it were not worth a straw.

Outsider's comments: Under pressure from Jiang's regime, the Hong Kong police arrested peaceful Falun Dafa practitioners, which was completely contrary to "One Country, Two Systems." While forcibly taking Dafa appealers away, the rude Hong Kong police pressed the acupuncture points of Dafa appealers, yet later they dared to claim that Dafa practitioners kicked and bit them, which completely ruined the Hong Kong model designed by Deng Xiaoping (former Chinese president) and intended to serve as an example for the reunion of Mainland China and Taiwan. For the 6.5 million Hong Kong residents, being part of the so-called "One Country, Two Systems" is really unfortunate. But this incidence also let the over 20 million Taiwanese see through the ferocious nature of Jiang Zemin.