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The Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

March 20, 2002 |  

Zhang Lixin, female, 48, once worked at the Second Raw Materials Company and is now an employee at the Chengfeng Branch of the Thermal Power Company. She lives at 805-5-402 Eastlake Community. Zhang was arrested at the Daqing Train Station on July 20, 1999 while going to the Provincial government to peacefully appeal. After being forcibly escorted back, she was detained in the Chuangxin Police Station for one day. Later policeman Li Jun summoned her several times to the police station and kept her illegally detained there overnight. She went to Beijing to appeal on May 9, 2000 and was arrested by the police. Zhang Guojun beat her badly and fined her in the Daqing Liaison Office in Beijing. Her workplace dispatched four people to take her back to Daqing City and forced her to pay all of the expenses. They then sent her to the Rang District Detention Center, where she was detained for half a month. Because she participated in a group practice on June 18, 2000, the authorities detained her in the Sa District Custody Center for thirty-five days and in the Sa District Detention Center for one month. Then her company sent her to a brainwashing class for one month. On January 30, 2000, she was arrested while clarifying the truth. During the 38 days of detention, the guards tortured her in the city detention center, after which the authorities sentenced her to one year in a forced labor camp. Since May 9, 2000, her workplace has not paid her a penny. Due to the lack of income, she has had difficulty making ends meet. Zhang Guojun, from Daqing Liaison Office in Beijing extorted 2,800 Yuan from her on May 11, 2000. (The average monthly income in Chinese cities is 500 Yuan.) Pan Bo from the Well Exploration Institute extorted 1,718 Yuan from her, and the director of the Sa District Detention Center extorted 300 Yuan in July 2000.

Wang Fengzhen, female, 58, an employee at Torch Residential Management Office, lives at 2-8-302 Zhonglin Street, Sa District, Daqing City. At noon on July 20, 2001 policeman He Lingzhi met her on her way home and told her that they needed to inspect her house. The perpetrators illegally searched her home and confiscated all Falun Dafa materials, a piece of red cloth and Falun Dafa books. They then beat her before taking her to the local police station. During the 22 days of detention, the police beat her so terribly that she was covered with bruises and unable to control her bowel movements. They didn't even allow her change her pants. Later the police extorted money from her family members.

Li Yuanguang, male, 32, lives at 1-11-5-401 Xin Village. In April 2000 plainclothes policemen from the Daqing Liaison Office arrested him at the State Appellate Office in Beijing. The Xinxing Police Station and Li's workplace, the Education College, sent people to escort him back and then held him in the Sa District Detention Center for 43 days. Without giving any warning, the authorities of his workplace expelled him from the Party, discharged him from his public post and placed him on payroll probation for two years. He had only 400 Yuan to support his unemployed wife and seven-month-old baby. After being transferred from his previous position, he was not allowed to use a computer or take any business trips. He had to ask for permission before leaving Daqing City. On July 12, 2000, the Xinxing Police Station, along with the Education College, arrested him again at his workplace. Eight policemen broke down the door and searched his house. Without giving a reason, they detained him in the Sa District Police Station for two months, during which his body became covered with scabies and didn't recover until six months later. On holidays and "sensitive" dates, his workplace and the local police station would continually phone him to keep him under close watch. His telephone was tapped, and his family members and relatives were constantly harassed.

Liu Hanxue, male, 53, works in the maintenance section of the Daqing City Fire Department. He lives at 3-4-5-502 Longnan Qiyuan Community, Daqing City. On July 22, 1999 he was arrested while appealing in Beijing. On October 21, 1999 he went to Beijing to appeal again, so he was detained in the West City District Detention Center in Beijing for fourteen days. Zhang Fu from the Rang District Police Department and three people from the security section of the Fire Department took 10,000 Yuan cash from Liu Hanxue's family and flew to Beijing to take him back to Daqing. The Rang District Detention Center took him into custody for one month before returning 9,000 Yuan to him. In February 2000, he was arrested again while participating in an experience-sharing meeting with another dozen practitioners because someone had turned him in. He was detained in the Rang District Detention Center for three months. Due to his taking part in the group practice on June 18, 2000, the authorities sentenced him to one year in the forced labor camp and didn't release him for thirteen months and eight days later.

Si Lijun, female, 34, former employee at the Third Thermal Power Plant, lives at 2-29A1-302 Dongfeng New Village. She went to Beijing to appeal on March 29, 2000 without telling her family members where she was going. They couldn't find her, and her daughter reported Si's absence to the police. The police asked the family pay 2,000 Yuan as a fee for attempts to find her in Beijing. The family turned the police down, and her husband went to Beijing himself and found her. Half a month later, Ma Yunfeng, the chief of the political security section in the Longfeng District Police Department of Daqing City phoned to tell her come to the station. There, they tried to extort 15,000 Yuan from her and threatened to detain her if she refused to pay. Her family members rejected the threat because Si had not violated any laws. As a result Si was detained for half a month. Fifteen days later, in order to have her released, her family was forced to pay 5,000 Yuan bail and write the "guarantee letter" for her, saying that Si would no longer practice Falun Gong nor go to appeal in Beijing. On May 6, 2000, Ma Yunfeng extorted 5,000 Yuan from Si.

Du Guocong, male, 49, works at the Linyuan Refinery Plant in Daqing City. He lives at 14-4-4-301, the residential area of the plant. On December 12, he went to appeal in Beijing, where he was arrested. After being released from the Daqing Liaison Office, he was detained for fifteen days. Since then, the local police and the neighborhood office have been monitoring him with phone calls and visits, constantly harassing him during his daily life. Du began a four-day hunger strike on August 1, 2001. Wang Yingzhou, calling himself a reincarnated demon from hell, is the leader of the third group of Daqing Forced Labor Camp. He and six other guards including group leader Qin, group leader Wu, team leader Song, office staff Fu and several prisoners, tried him in a sham court from 8 a.m. to 7 a.m. During this period, the perpetrators handcuffed him and pried his mouth open with a stick in order to force feed him with salt water. They poured four washbasins of salt water over his body and forced him to sit in the salt water for an hour. Later they tied him up twice and made him kneel on the ground, kicking his chest and back with heavy boots, resulting in injuries to the right side of his ribs. The vicious policemen threatened to stab him in the chest with a one-foot long butcher's knife and then cut all the way around to the other side of his body, then disposing of him like a dead chicken. Just before Du was released as a result of external pressure, Wang Yongxiang, the deputy chief of the forced labor camp, used a police car to transfer him to the city hospital. He then arranged for a medical certificate so that it would seem that Du was being released on medical parole due to an illness. In fact he was not ill but had been tortured by the police into a very poor state of health. In November 2001, he again went to Beijing to appeal and was detained in the Daqing Liaison Office in Beijing, where the director Shi Shijin and policeman Yan Guolin beat, kicked, and shocked him with an electric baton. They then forced him to stand still for two hours. After being transferred to Daqing City, he was illegally sent to the Daqing Forced Labor Camp. Shi Shijin fined the labor camp 3,500 Yuan, but the labor camp authorities transferred the fine to Du Guocong. Using threats of a term extension and formal arrest, the authorities of the labor camp extorted 3,500 Yuan from his family. During the eleven days of illegal detention, two policemen and four inmates put him under close watch while Zhu Ren, the chief of the construction and production section, tied him up for one hour on five different occasions and verbally abused him in front of the prisoners. Over the following month, he was under close watch by Wang Yingzhou, the guard of the third group. On December 5, 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal and was detained in the Daqing Liaison Office. In January 2001 the "610 Office" in Daqing City extorted 2,000 Yuan from him. (The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecuteáFalun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.)In December 2001 the political security detachment of the Beijing Liaison Office of Daqing City Police Department took 50 Yuan from him. In December 2001, Wang Yongfu from Daqing Forced Labor Camp extorted 3,500 Yuan from him.

Du Juan, female, 22, lives at 14-4-4-301 and works at the Linyuan Refinery Plant. She went to Beijing to validate the Fa on March 2000 and was then illegally detained in the Daqing City Custody Center for one month. She was later transferred to the Sa District Detention Center in Daqing City, where she was detained for another 45 days. In the Center, the chief and a guard beat her on several different occasions. She took part in the group practice on June 18, 2000, for which the authorities detained her in the Zhaozhou Custody Center for 38 days. During the detention, the guard physically and verbally abused her, and then sentenced her to one year in the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp in Qi City, where the police forced her to watch slanderous videos against Falun Gong. If she refused to watch, the guards would beat and curse her, and force her to perform the toughest physical jobs. She was released in the middle of November after being brainwashed. Upon returning home, she realized her mistake and published a statement to denounce what she wrote under the influence of the brainwashing. The local police and the neighborhood committee showed up at her house and frequently harassed her over the phone. Her daily life was severely disturbed. In March 2000, Yu Qingguang, a policeman in the security section of the police station at the Linyuan Refinery Plant in Daqing City, extorted 2,000 Yuan from her.

Wang Fengmei, female, 55, is an employee at the retirement office of the Seventh Oil Production Plant in Daqing City. She lives at 931-4-602 Eastlake Community of Daqing City. On July 22, 1999 as she was boarding a shuttle bus to go to her mother's home, Xu Chuanlin, Tian Xiuguo and Gao Xiaodong from the seventh plant forcibly took her back to the local police station, where she was illegally detained for 24 hours. Since then the local police have continued to harass her by phone and have illegally broken into her house to search for other practitioners' names, books and banners. She has not been able have a normal life. She went to Beijing to appeal and validate Falun Dafa on June 19, 2000. After being arrested there, she was sent back to her local area, but the police station at the Seventh Plant sent her to Daqing Detention Center and held her there for 45 days. On November 25, 2000 she went to a fellow practitioner's home to bring his child some clothing. Because the couple was practicing Falun Dafa, their workplace only paid them the minimum living expenses. They were facing a difficult life. Right after she went inside, the local policemen Yuan Shouyi, Gao Xiaodong and some others broke into the house and arrested all of them, detaining them for 24 hours. On June 19, 2000, Zhang Juzhe, the Party Secretary of the retirement office in the Seventh Plant, extorted 9,978 Yuan from her without giving any kind of receipt.

Li Junmi, female, 25, lives at 915-1-102 Eastlake Community, Rang District of Daqing City. She went to Beijing on August 31, 2001 to peacefully appeal, and she was arrested in Tiananmen Square at noon on September 1. The policemen tackled her to the ground and grabbed her by the throat, not allowing her to speak. A policeman snatched her hat and beat her eyes with it, and then tried to steal her watch but failed. Because she refused to tell them her name and address, the Qianmen Police Station locked her in an iron cage for one day without giving her food or water. When going to the bathroom, she was guarded and not allowed to shut the door. The police sent her to Chaoyang Custody Center between 7 and 8 p.m. on that day. Refusing to cooperate with the evil force, she went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. On two different occasions, the guard had ten prisoners hold down her body and grab her hair to force-feed her. Afterwards, she felt dizzy, had stomach aches and twitched all over. She then vomited everything that she had been force-fed. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment twice. After being brought back to the cell, Li had a very high fever. Ten days later she disclosed her address in a state of utter physical and mental exhaustion. The Daqing Liaison Office in Beijing took her to the Sun Island Hotel, where they charged her 400 Yuan without giving a receipt. She was detained in the Daqing Custody Center for a month and then in the Rang District Detention Center for another half month. She was forced to write a "guarantee" before her family members took her home. She had to pay all of the expenses for the trip. On August 31, 2001, the Daqing Liaison Office, the Daqing Custody Center and the Jianhua Police Station extorted 3,970 Yuan from her.

Mao Xueli, female, 58, works at the hospital affiliated with the Second Oil Production Plant in Daqing City. She lives at 604-3-302 Eastlake Community, Rang District, Daqing City. She was arrested for taking part in the group practice on June 18, 2000. The Shengli Police Station sent her to the Zhaoyuan Custody Center and then to the Honggang District Custody Center, Daqing City. She was illegally detained for 45 days in total, during which she was forced to write a "guarantee" statement before being released. Her workplace had to pay a bail of 15,000 Yuan. During the detention, she was often verbally abused and given only two meals per day with no freedom. On June 18, 2000, Liu, the director of the Zhaoyuan County Custody Center, extorted 250 Yuan from her, of which 200 Yuan were taken from her pocket when she was arrested. The other 50 Yuan was the money that her child asked the police to give to her. She was forced to pay another 300 Yuan for food without being given a receipt.

Wei Wenfu, male, 60, works at the seniors' office of the Second Oil Production Plant, Daqing City. He lives at 604-3-302 Eastlake Community, Rang District. On June 13, 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal. On June 14, the people from the "610 Office" of the Daqing Oil Administrative Bureau arrested him at the gate of the appellate office. He was sent back to Daqing on June 16 and detained in the Honggang District Custody Center, where the guards beat and cursed him at will. They also restricted his eating, sleeping and using the bathroom. The police only allowed him to sit on the toilet once every other day with a limit of three minutes to finish. They would beat and curse him, not even letting him wash his hands. They only allowed him to brush his teeth once every three days. He paid 150 Yuan as a "luggage" fee, but the guards gave him a dirty, old quilt, which stunk with sweat and urine. It was also infested with fleas. Everyday, he was give the same thing to eat, a half cooked black corn cake that was smaller than the palm of a hand, with thumb-sized growths of mildew. Twenty days later he was forced to promise to pay 10,000 Yuan for bail, which was guaranteed by his workplace. When he was released, his clothes, pants, shoes and the 50 Yuan he brought along were all gone. On June 16, 2000, Shan Song from the "610 Office" of the Daqing Oil Administrative Bureau extorted 5,190 Yuan from him as a sum total of fines for appealing in Beijing (1,000 Yuan), the brainwashing fee (600 Yuan), the detention fee (600 Yuan) and the cost of the trip to Beijing (2,990 Yuan).

Shi Yiqing, female, 49, works at the seniors' office of the Second Oil Production Plant, Daqing City. She lives at 608-3-101, Eastlake Community, Rang District of Daqing City. On April 14, 2000 she went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa. The police arrested her in Tiananmen Square on April 15. In the Daqing Liaison Office the officials searched her, took away her coat, shoes, and wallet. They watched her closely and didn't give her anything to eat for dinner. On April 18, the police from the local police station sent her to the Daqing City Custody Center, where they fined her 1,000 Yuan and made her pay a bail of 5,000 Yuan. She was detained for ten days and forced to write a "guarantee statement" before being released. Her family and workplace also had to give their promises that she would no longer practice Falun Gong. After Shi made a statement on Clearwisdom.net to declare the "guarantee" null and void, Gao Yufeng and other policemen took her to the Shengli Local Police Station and kept her there for five and half hours on June 22, 2000. She was not released until 1:30 a.m. From July 20, 1999 on, the local police station has called her at least three times every day, while phone calls from her workplace and residential committee have been too numerous to count. On April 15, 2000, the Daqing Detention Center, the Daqing "610" Office and the Shengli Local Police Station extorted 1,700 Yuan from her.

Liu Yanqin, female, 50, works at the Babaishang Raw Materials Institute. She lives in the Xibin area of Ranghulu District. From July 20, 1999 on, her workplace and the local police have constantly harassed her by coming to her home or calling her. Gao Junhua from the Babaishang Raw Materials Institute extorted 3,000 Yuan from her in December 1999.

Zhao Shuhua, female, 35, lives near the Third Oil Production Plant. She was detained for fifty-four days in the year 2000. Luo Chenghuan from the Yongjun Local Police Station extorted 3,000 Yuan from her.

Qu Hongwei, female, 29, worked at the Saertu District Construction Department. She was detained for 18 days for going to Beijing to appeal in December 1999. In March 2001 she was arrested again while making truth-clarifying materials and detained for 47 days. The local police station often harasses her over the phone. She has not received any money to cover living expenses since she was laid off two years ago. Her workplace has not given her an explanation or written documentation for her dismissal. The police took 300 Yuan from her while searching her during her trip to Beijing. Her family has spent 15,000 Yuan on appeasing various authorities.