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A Teenage Girl Faces the Evil, Validates Dafa and Clarifies the Truth

March 19, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I fortunately obtained the Fa in May 1998. When Dafa encountered unprecedented damage I realized that we should step forward to safeguard Dafa instead of hiding for personal safety. My family appealed in December 1999 and we were all put into a detention center afterwards. In the beginning I had a bit of fear in my heart, but gradually I was no longer afraid. Once, seven to eight policemen interrogated me. I didn't cooperate throughout the whole process. When they cursed Teacher and Dafa, I argued with them with perfect assurance and my voice shook the entire police department building. Finally, when making out the report they asked me, "Will you still practice in the future?" I replied to them with several sentences that I had previously written, "As long as I am alive, cultivation will not end. If I would not cultivate this life, then when?" Later, in the detention center, the guards all accused my dad and mom for making me follow the practice, which resulted in my detention at age 16. I told them, "It is not wrong for my dad and mom to teach me to practice Falun Gong; neither is it wrong for me to cultivate Falun Dafa. I am detained here only because you dare not allow me to tell the truth. It's you who are wrong." Three days later, I was released without having written any "guarantee statements." [Note: Authorities often force detainees or those in brainwashing classes to write statements, promising never again to practice Falun Dafa, never again to go to Beijing to appeal and never again to associate with other Falun Dafa practitioners and that they regret ever having practiced Falun Gong.]

Due to the authorities' past interference I was not able to attend high school when I graduated from junior middle school. What surprised me was that after they released me, they took the initiative to contact a high school for me, personally drove me to the school, and moreover, they even granted me a 1,000 Yuan stipend. In my heart I knew clearly that it was our great Master who arranged all this. While in high school, I clarified the truth and promoted the Fa to everyone around me. I changed many people's misunderstanding towards Falun Gong. At one time the school planned to hold a public meeting to "criticize" Dafa. One schoolmate informed me ahead of time and asked me to get mentally prepared. He told me that the school was planning to have me give a speech condemning Dafa. Everybody said to me, "Just write one against your will, then tell your Master in your heart that you were forced. Besides, you are only 17 years old. You are so young that your Master will not blame you." I thought about this repeatedly for a very long time. I knew that if I didn't give the speech I would probably be expelled and have many troubles. But I was also conscious that a Dafa practitioner should spread Dafa instead of going against one's heart to damage Dafa. In the end I made up my mind, "If the meeting to be held that day was to 'expose and criticize' Dafa, I would stand up to safeguard Dafa and clarify the truth, and I should not let the evil do bad deeds." On the day of the meeting this meeting was cancelled, due to some sudden changes in the program.

At school they all said things about me behind my back, from the principal to the teachers. They even circulated rumors that I stand barefoot in the snow in winter. After I learned this, I decided to go to the principal to clarify the truth to him, but every time I tried I couldn't find him. Afterward I talked to the teachers who taught our classes and told them that this is a rumor. Gradually, the teachers all understood.

At school I never slacked off, because everybody knew I was a Falun Gong practitioner. They all closely scrutinized my behavior every moment. I left everyone with an extremely good impression. On July 11, 2001, my mother and I were arrested because we were distributing truth-clarifying materials. My dad was forced to leave home to avoid being arrested himself. The university entrance exams were over and my schoolmates had all gone home, but when they heard the news that I was imprisoned, my schoolmates went to the police department three times trying to get me out. People from the police department ignored them. They then called people in the police department several times, demanding that they release me. In prison I didn't do anything to cooperate with the evil. In their words, I was the toughest one to be "transformed" (brainwashed away from Dafa) as I didn't cooperate, neither with the soft nor the hard tactics they used. In the middle of July, the detention center people organized five of us Dafa practitioners to watch "Focal Point Interview," a CCTV program slandering and defaming Falun Gong. They said that whoever would hand in any "exposing and criticizing material" would be released. Three other practitioners watched the CCTV program carefully. My mother and I didn't even glance at it. Later, two practitioners staying with me asked me why I didn't watch it. What if they asked us to write the "exposing and criticizing material?" I said to them, "Knowing clearly that it's fabricated, why should we watch it? At the same time, if we would watch the fabricated stories on TV, aren't we actively accepting it? Speaking of the 'exposing and criticizing material,' I won't be detained here if I don't write it." After they heard my words, they regretted their actions very much. They also understood they should not listen to the evil's orders and allow the evil to be manipulate them. Later, when they were interrogated again, they declared all "Guarantee and Repentance Letters" they had written before to be invalid.

People from the government and the judiciary bureau often came to see me in the detention center. They wanted to find out what kind of person I was, who held on so firmly to her faith. People in the police department also couldn't understand how it was that they could not handle an eighteen year old girl. Half a month later, my mom and I were released without charge.

On September 18, I went to college as expected. My parents also escaped from "the mouth of the tiger" to somewhere far away from our hometown. However, our righteous minds had never wavered. We utilized every opportunity to clarify the truth to worldly people. I often clarify the truth of Dafa to people around me and validate Dafa to my schoolmates with my own actions. Everyone knows that I am a good person. In November the school was going to collect papers "criticizing Dafa." Every student was required to hand one in. After careful consideration I said to my schoolmates, "I have already told you the truth, and you also know that the TV is lying. Then will you still write one?" I mentally prepared myself well that if the school forced me, I would hand in a piece of positive material about my own experience as a Dafa practitioner. Perhaps I would face dismissal from school, or be sent back home. A genuine practitioner, however, is able to abandon everything for the righteous Fa. Many fellow practitioners had lost their lives in order to validate Dafa. What could my sacrifice count in comparison to theirs? In the end, under my influence, no one in my class wrote this paper. The school did not investigate it either.

On December 20, the principal and teachers secretly asked my schoolmates for any information they had about me -- how I spoke, what books I read, if I had any discipline problems. The schoolmates identically replied, "No negatives." They also said, "Why do you always investigate her? She wants to keep her mind on studying well." After the incident I asked them, "Why did you dare to step forward and protect me? Aren't you afraid of being implicated? They answered, "Aren't we capable of discerning who's good and who's evil? Can we idly stand by and watch them persecute you?" I smiled after I heard this because I saw they were not misled by the evil's "Single voice propaganda" anymore. The veil that had covered the true nature had been taken off. I also felt happy for them because they had found themselves and established a future for themselves.

Now I understood better the importance of studying the Fa, clarifying the truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Every day, besides studying well and validating Dafa to schoolmates through my actions, I also used my spare time and sleep time to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. Even though my time is very tight, I remembered Master's words clearly: "No matter how busy you are, you can't neglect Fa study." ("To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference") On this Fa rectification path, what I have done is far from enough compared to others. I should try even harder to do everything well, to become more mature, and to fully deserve the title of a Fa-rectification era Dafa disciple.

Below is a letter of advice I wrote to the police officers.

Please Summon Your Kind Conscience, and Stop Persecuting!

Dear police officer acquaintances:

I have always looked forward to speak out a cultivator's heartfelt wishes to those police officers who all along have been involved in persecuting my family.

In December 1999, in order to let the government know the truth, my family wrote on a banner "Falun Dafa is good," which infuriated you. You ransacked our home the same night and illegally arrested us. Confinement, deception and cruelty didn't scare me, a 16 year-old high school student. You were extremely angry and shouted: "Don't you want to go home?" At that time, with tears in my eyes, I answered from the bottom of my heart, "I do." In fact, only fellow practitioners can understand the meaning of my words. As a Dafa disciple, who doesn't want to return to the home we have departed from for a long time? It's because I wanted to return to the home where I belong to that I have an indestructible and unshakeable, righteous faith in Dafa. What does worldly fame and interest mean to us? It is not even comparable to the hair of an ox, it is so unimportant. In the end, you had no choice but to release me and threaten me not to fall in your hands the next time.

Throughout the year of 2000, you made my family a focal point. You came as you wished. You, however, called it "caring." I wondered how you can call yourselves the "people's police?" On July 11, 2001, right after I finished my college entrance exam, you madly surrounded my house again. Without showing any warrant, you unconstitutionally ransacked my home and forcibly arrested me. You also arrested my mom at work. My dad had to leave home to avoid illegal arrest and make a life for himself on the street. We lost contact with him. You destroyed a family that was previously filled with laughter and joy. You broke up our family and are the cause of our separation and loss of contact with each other. In jail I could not see my mother. You originally planned to find out my daddy's whereabouts as well as the source of the Dafa truth-clarifying material from me, the child. I didn't cooperate and didn't say one word in several interrogations. Then, you revealed your vicious side! You handcuffed me onto the ice-cold metal pipes, left me alone in the room and went out. During the days in jail I had a high fever for several days, vomited and did not feel like eating. However, not only did you not have any compassion for me, but took advantage of me when I had a bad fever and attempted to "open the gap" from me. Against your expectation, I let your plan fail again. You gnashed your teeth and said: "Why don't you have a higher fever? We will detain you for 20 more years." I replied with righteousness, "Go ahead. Twenty years from now I will be only 38 years old. After I come out, I will still cultivate Dafa." Hence, I started reciting Master's poem "Non-existence." "To live with no pursuits, to die with no regrets; all excessive thoughts extinguished, cultivating Buddha-hood is not difficult." You were flustered and exasperated, and in the end you deducted 70 points from my score on the college entrance exam. Thus I lost the opportunity to attend a good school. Today, I have nonetheless entered a school on the date scheduled. The school authorities also tried to put pressure on me, wanting to force me to give up cultivation. But, as a cultivator, I have seen the truth of the universe. I will never give up Dafa! You have come to the school several times, attempting to find out my parents' whereabouts from me. But what you had not expected was that I'd already used my life to safeguard the Fa when I was merely 16 years old. Now I can only be more mature and even more firm.

I sincerely advise all people who are persecuting Dafa practitioners to take back your lies and harmful tricks. Wake up and escape disaster at this last moment. Sober your mind and clearly see the truth. For your future, for your everlasting life, don't persecute Dafa any more. Dafa practitioners are good people, are noble people, and are people who can sacrifice everything for the truth.