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Worthy of Celebration: Compassionate and Righteous Sentient Beings Amidst Fa-Rectification

February 08, 2002 |  


*One morning in a village of Northeast China, a villager saw two banners with the words "Falun Dafa is good" in the main street, but his street did not have one. He took one of them and hung it in his street and said to other villagers, "How wonderful it looks!"

*The director of a work unit did not understand Dafa in the beginning. However, when she read the pamphlet "the Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa," she asked practitioners for a template so that she could print some copies for her subordinates.

* A Falun Dafa couple in a Northeast town runs a successful fish-selling business, and several other businessmen joined them. They all said that they didn't trust other people, therefore they preferred doing physical work such as delivering and selling and let the couple manage the money. The joint business turned out to be quite successful. They all say that "Falun Dafa is good", and someone even obtained Dafa in this way.

*On the traffic-podium of one town there were some slogans that cursed the local department of Security, Inspection, Court and Tax. It was signed, "A Falun Dafa practitioner." Police was ordered to investigate, and they said, "This was definitely not done by Falun Dafa practitioners. They never hit or curse others." Other people also said, "Who would do such a thing, making things up to defame Falun Gong?"

*After watching the media report regarding "Fu Yibin killed his family members", a non- practitioner said, "I don't know where they collected such a case to frame Falun Gong and make up false charges!"

*On New Year's Day, a Party committee member demanded a village official to take away Falun Dafa banners, and the village official said, "I will not do it!" A villager asked him, "Why did Falun Gong hang up these banners?" He replied, "Falun Gong wants to rectify this issue."

*The authorities in a village monitored Dafa practitioners day and night. The banners practitioners hung were taken away quickly, and messages that practitioners painted would be scrubbed off. A practitioner continued his efforts while sending forth righteous thoughts 6 times a day. This made the officials' bamboo poles break and arms ache when they tried to take down the banners. There were villagers who came to practitioners to learn Falun Gong after they read the truth-clarifying messages.

*A Dafa practitioner took a VCR to his acquaintances' homes to play truth-clarifying videotapes, which made them understand Falun Dafa and see the real face of the evil. Villagers changed their attitude toward Dafa. They used to shun Dafa practitioners, but now they greet them with smiles.

*One of my schoolmates understood the facts that I told to her. Once when she saw a Falun Dafa truth-clarifying flyer on the ground, she immediately picked it up and told her co-workers, "Pick it up and take a look at it, it is good for you. I always pick them up and save them whenever I see these flyers." She told me, "I just did this one thing and said these few words, and today's business turned out to be exceptionally good. It is so strange, isn't it?"

*When I first met with my schoolmate, I clarified the truth to her but was poorly received. The second time, I continued clarifying the truth while sending forth righteous thoughts, and she accepted a lot of it. The third time, I went to her office, and she said to her colleagues, "Falun Gong is pretty good." The fourth time, I gave her three truth-clarifying pamphlets. She said after reading the pamphlets, "Now I will follow what you said and clarify the truth of Falun Gong to my colleagues, relatives and friends, so that they all can have a righteous mind."