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Sharing with Fellow Practitioners the Magnificence of Another Dimension that I Saw

February 08, 2002 |   By a practitioner from Australia

(Clearwisdom.net) Today, after the group Fa study, we sent forth righteous thoughts together. I had a thought that I would like to see if there are demons interfering with and disrupting the Fa-rectification. Once this thought appeared, I saw another dimension that was pure, clear and free from bad elements. At the same time, a magnificent scene appeared in front of my eyes.

In that dimension, we sat together in a circle. Everyone had a gong column on his/her head. Everyone's gong column showed different colors: green, blue, purple, or white. Every 3 or 4 practitioners' gong columns joined together to form a ribbon showing the combined color and heading straight towards the sky. The colors of the gong columns were green, blue, purple, and white. They were pure, transparent, and looked very light. Their beauty was beyond description.

I realized that the magnificent scene is a reflection of the unity and cooperation of our group of fellow practitioners. As a result, we are doing the Fa-rectification work better and better, which plays a very effective role in saving sentient beings.

I deeply feel the mighty compassion of Teacher, encouraging us to work even harder to strive forward. During the process of Fa-rectification, we will continue to purify ourselves, to help each other improve, and to act as one body.

Fellow practitioners, let us be worthy of Teacher's tremendous compassion. Let us vigorously strive forward, completely eliminate the evil, and hasten the coming of the day when the Fa rectifies the human world.