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Falun Dafa Practitioner Zhan Wei - Murdered by the Police of Yingcheng City, Hubei Province

February 07, 2002 |  


On January 23, 2002, Dafa practitioner Zhan Wei was tortured to death by the police officers of The First Detention Center in Yingcheng City. Just before he died, Zhan Wei had managed to disclose the names of the police and security officers responsible for the inhuman treatment and fatal injuries he received at the detention center. According to a Dafa practitioner who stood by his deathbed, Zhan was in severe pain when he died, yet he still displayed great courage.

The level of violence, to which the officers dared to resort to, was a direct result of the encouragement from their ruthless superior Zhou Shangzhi, who had once said, "Abuse Dafa practitioners with any possible means. Show them no mercy. Don't worry about any consequences. I will bear all the responsibility."

Immediately following Zhan Wei's death, his body was quickly sent from Yingcheng police station to the crematorium denying any possible post mortem investigation. Fearing that the crime would be exposed, several police officers were placed on guard at the crematorium to deter Dafa practitioners from finding out more details. Then they tried to cover up their crimes by fabricating a story to explain Wei's death, reporting that he died of lung cancer.

That day, when Dafa practitioners tried to visit the crematorium, they were chased away by the police on guard. A fifty-year-old female practitioner was knocked down and later accused of causing trouble at the crematorium.

That evening, the police warned other Dafa practitioners not to attend the cremation or they would be arrested. At the same time, they wanted to find the person who leaked the news of Zhan Wei's death. Backed by two police officers, Xu Guohua, a supervisor from Dongmafang Police Station, went to the shop of a practitioner who had visited the crematorium earlier. Xu Guohua threatened the practitioner, whom they had previously arrested and illegally fined several times, "If you don't give me the name of the person who passed around the news, we will arrest you and close your shop down." But using his righteous mind and ingenuity, he managed to withstand the attack and didn't get arrested.

To ensure that no evidence of their crime was left behind, the police ransacked all the photo shops in town and confiscated all photographs of Zhan Wei taken before his death. As a result, some photographs taken of Zhan just before he died were destroyed.

On January 24th, the Police of Yingcheng Police Station placed all Dafa practitioners under surveillance to ensure no practitioners would visit the crematorium and no news of the cremation would leak out. They further threatened the practitioners that if the news got onto the Minghui Net, all Falun Gong practitioners in the town would be arrested as well.

Although the evil force was overwhelming, it could not hide its fear when confronted with righteousness. On the very same day (Jan. 24), many Dafa practitioners had managed to bypass the security, get into the crematorium and tell the people present the whole truth about the murder. News of the tragic death of Zhan Wei has finally appeared on the Minghui Net and the whole conspiracy is now unveiled to the world.

Regardless how mad and unruly the evil has manifested themselves in their conspiracy, we, the Dafa practitioners from Yongcheng City will continue to expose and eradicate them. We shall continue to protect Dafa from being defamed, ensure the correct path is taken during the Fa rectification period, and clarify the truth to all humankind.

The following people are responsible for the death of Zhan Wei:

Chief of Police, Yingcheng City: Zhou Shangzhi

Officer In-charge Falun Gong operation: Cheng Junjie

Chief of Security Officer: Nie Moshan

Deputy Security Officers: He Jianshe, Zhan Xuehua,

Police Officer: Zhou Tao

First Officer, Detention Center, Yingcheng City: Tang Zhuqing

Supervisor: Song Jiang

Police Officer: Cheng Zhaoqui

Supervisor, Dongmafang Police Station:

Xu Guohua (Telephone Contact: 86-712-3511128)

Police Officers: Zhu Jidong, Zhang Siji