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The Truth Concerning the Death of Dafa Practitioner Li Xiumei from Dalian City

February 06, 2002 |  


Dalian City Dafa practitioner Li Xiumei was detained in the Yaojia Detention Center. She was removed from her cell and force-fed two days before her death. She was exhausted upon her return. She said, "They pinched my nose and covered my mouth so that I couldn't breathe. They tried to suffocate me." She also said, "In what they force-fed me, there was a mind-altering drug."

The next day, Li Xiumei was pulled out of her cell once again. No one has seen her since. According to inside information, there were other Dafa practitioners also tortured nearly to death. The doctors said, "If she dies, we'll say that she died of heart disease."

January 16, 2002