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1,200 Torontonians Join Falun Gong Practitioners in Chinese New Year Celebration

February 06, 2002 |   By Toronto Practitioners

To express our appreciation for the support given to Falun Gong practitioners by people from all walks of life over the past two years, Toronto Falun Gong practitioners invited friends and families to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the night of January 30th. Held in a downtown Toronto assembly hall operated by the municipal government, the Falun Dafa Chinese New Year Celebration attracted more than 1,200 people. The event included an informal buffet and artistic performances by practitioners and friends. Attending the event were politicians, elected officials, lawyers, professors, businessmen, leaders of the local Chinese community and foreign consular officials. The majority of the attendees were Chinese people. The event was reported and covered by local Chinese and English media as well as FGM TV.

Since we began preparing this event, we received very positive feedback and great support from many people. The municipal government provided the facilities and staff free of charge. In a short period of time, all 1,300 tickets printed by our practitioners were distributed, while many people still kept asking for more tickets. In order to make this a success, practitioners prepared everything in an orderly way with great compassion. With everybody bringing out their best home made recipes, there were over 100 delicious dishes prepared for the guests. To better display the goodness of Dafa to Torontonians, many practitioners shortened their sleep time to properly rehearse their performances despite busy schedules.

Over one thousand guests enjoyed the delicious homemade food. Many people complimented Falun Gong practitioners for their excellent cooking skills, and the delicate and delicious food that they made. At the beginning of the evening, city councilor Mr. Balkissoon, lawyer Mr. McMurtry, local Chinese community leader and prominent overseas Chinese representative, Mr. O'Pray (Vice president of the United Nations Association in Canada, Toronto Region) and practitioners gave speeches. Our guest speakers praised Falun Dafa and practitioners for their great contributions to human society. They also welcomed the coming of the Chinese New Year.

In a brief speech, a Falun Gong practitioner said, "We gather here today, not only to celebrate the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, but more importantly, to celebrate the wide spreading of the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance in the human world. The cold winter is about to vanish, and the spring is approaching. The spring when people in China and all over the world will celebrate together, rejoice together, and exalt together can be expected very soon."

TV programs produced by FGM TV were screened at the event.

Artistic performances included:
-Special TV program by FGM TV: News broadcasts in both Chinese and English;
-Demonstration of the five sets of exercises by junior Falun practitioners;
-Traditional Chinese lute solo by Ms. Yuyi Zhang, a friend of Falun Gong:
-Electronic piano solo by Brenda Chan, a friend of Falun Gong;

Falun Gong practitioners' performances included:

-Soprano Solo, Men's Semi-Chorus
-Traditional Chinese Comic Dialogue
-Sword Demo
-Spanish Dance
-Peking Opera Cantata
-Fashion Show
-Segment from Xiyouji
-Monologue from a Shakespeare Play
-Dafa songs by Western Falun Gong practitioners

Among the Falun Dafa practitioners who performed in the program was a professional actor who recently won a Gemini Award (a Canadian acting award), a professional instructor who teaches at the Canadian National Ballet School, a Soprano who won national awards in China, a swordplay performer who won a Chinese Martial Arts award, artists who used to perform in professional Chinese choirs and a model who won an award in a Chinese fashion show. Guests were amazed by the wide range of talents and versatility displayed, leaving many reluctant to leave at the end.

A festive atmosphere surrounded the whole event. The building was filled with people, and at times it was even hard to find an empty seat. Many practitioners stood aside to leave empty seats for others. On the stage there were wonderful performances one after another and tables lined both sides of the hall with delicious food. With satisfying, happy, and surprised expressions, many guests who used to have doubts about Dafa changed their mind in this benevolent atmosphere.

Looking at this scene and thinking about the hardship we've been through in the past two years, it seems like changes have happened naturally and unconsciously. However, every little step forward results from Master Li's endless benevolence and through much diligent effort from practitioners. We hope that people will gain a true understanding of Falun Gong through this benevolence and that they will hold righteous thoughts in their minds so that they themselves might some day obtain the Fa.

This event was very successful. Practitioners enjoy peace of mind brought about by selflessness dedication. This atmosphere indicates the approaching spring. Let us continue to do better, and let more people establish their predestined relationship with the Fa.