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People Who Are Waking Up

February 23, 2002 |  


On the long-distance bus ride to a certain city in southern China, the driver played a CD about the "self-immolation." People were all discussing: "Is the government doing bad things and deceiving people?" One by one, they nodded in affirmation. There was even one passenger getting off the bus who said,"To finish watching the truth-clarifying CD, I have passed 3 stops where I was supposed to get off; now I'll have to take the bus again going back."

Before when I told the truth to my colleague, she always had the attitude of, "I am taking a neutral position." The day before, she said: "There was a Falun Gong practitioner who came from another province, rented a place close by where I live, and he always handed out truth-clarifying materials at night. Everybody knew it, however, nobody reported it to the police. He did not seek fame, or reward, and was not afraid of being detained. With his actions, he made me understand that there must be something in it (Falun Gong). Therefore, when people receive it, they would read it, and they realized the truth in a clearer way, little by little."

One night, I was taking a cab, and was asking whether the driver believed the rumored propaganda from CCTV against Falun Gong. He said that he didn't believe all of them, however, he wasn't sure about the "Tiananmen Self-immolation." I told him about the "loopholes" from CCTV news. Then the driver said: "I understand now. It (Self-immolation) doesn't make sense."

One night in a city, there were a few Dafa practitioners handing out truth-clarifying materials going from one home to another. As they continued, one of the practitioners tripped over something, and made a lot of noise. At that moment, a man came rushing out of his home with a stick in hand ready to beat up this practitioner. But then the practitioner said: "We are Dafa practitioners, and we are here to hand out truth-clarifying materials." That person then smiled and said, "Handing out truth-clarifying materials? Ok, go ahead."

My daughter Xiao Xue is seven years old now, and a little practitioner. I have told her to clarify the truth to her classmates. As we were forced to become homeless without many resources, we needed to use our wisdom in order to clarify the truth effectively. Xiao Xue then started clarifying the truth to her classmates. After she told them, some students wrote it down on a piece of paper, or used Pinyin (Chinese Phonetics) to put down anything that they didn't know how to write.

Awaking ordinary people: There were a few people chatting, and one said, "There were two big mistakes made in our country: one was the Cultural Revolution, the other was persecuting Falun Gong. Another one said: In the Cultural Revolution, those who were persecuted-- weren't they redressed in the end? Let me say, Falun Gong, will be redressed; it's just a matter of time."