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Some Details about the Persecution, Torture and Murder of Falun Gong Practitioners in Chongqing City's Xishanping Forced Labor Camp

February 21, 2002 |  


[Note: Chongqing City, also called "Double Happiness City," a hilly, walled metropolis, is one of China's oldest cities, located in China's most populated province of Sichuan. The city is famous for its Dazu grottos. Heavy and light industry produce a huge variety of goods, but also produce one of the worst air qualities in China, because of a combination of persistent fog and smog. That is where this notorious labor camp is located.]

The so-called Education Division (No. 1 Team in No. 7 Division) of Xishanping Forced Labor Camp in Chongqing City, Sichuan Province, was set up in November 2000, specifically for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Policemen in this labor camp allowed the drug addict inmates to administer to Falun Dafa practitioners the government's so-called "helping and teaching," which was, in fact, policemen ordering and instigating these so called "helpers and teachers" to persecute practitioners. Dafa practitioners have completely lost their personal freedom in this camp. They were followed by their "helpers and teachers" while eating, sleeping and even using the toilet. The following are accounts of the persecution committed against Falun Gong practitioners:

  1. Li Zetao, male, was 24 years old. Debased policemen Tian Xin, Chen Zebing and Tian Xiaohai ordered drug addicts to threaten and force Mr. Li Zetao to "give in" [give up Dafa practice] but Mr. Li refused. On May 30, 2001, Mr. Li was tortured to death in "No. 1 Agriculture Team". Before his death, the policemen forced him to perform overload work. When he was too tired to work, the "helpers and teachers" would brutally beat him with shoulder poles [poles used to carry loads on their shoulders]. He was not allowed to sleep and was even force-fed with feces and urine.
  1. Yuan Yugang, male, over 30 years old, is a veteran of the Third Army in Chongqing City. In May 2001, he was transferred from the Education Division to No. 5 Team of No.2 Division, where he was forced to attend the first session of the bloody brainwashing class. Policemen Gao Ding and Li Yong goaded the "helpers and teachers" to force Yuan to give up practicing Falun Gong in a few days. The inmates were allowed to resort to using any means, as long as Mr. Yuan was not killed. These brutal policemen and drug addicts beat Mr. Yuan Yugang, Mr. Wu Deqiang, Mr. Liu Minghua, Mr. Mei Liang and Mr. Liu Xiangtai consecutively for several days with 3-inch wide bamboo strips. These practitioners were not allowed to sleep. The criminal inmates also forced these practitioners to kneel and touch their forehead to the ground and then used elbows to fiercely hit the practitioners in their kidney areas.
  2. Wang Guangning, 29 years old, is a teacher from Jianshan Middle School in Beibei District. After Mr. Wang was illegally sentenced to a term in the labor camp in August 2000, he was brutally tortured in the "Training and Rectification Team," and later in the "Strict Discipline Team." Around September 2001, he was paralyzed and his body was numb. He required help even when he needed to use the toilet and could not get up from the bed. In this most painful time, the evil force broke up his family. His wife was forced to renounce and divorce him. Afraid of being held responsible for their deeds, the labor camp policemen released Mr. Wang Guangning. The people responsible for these misdeeds are deputy chief Long of the Xishanping Labor Camp, Education Division head Tian Xin, Strict Discipline Team Leader Du Yi and the Training and Rectification Team leader named Xu Guangfu.
  3. Tian Yicheng, male, is about 45 years old. Strict Discipline Team leader Du Yi ordered the inmates to brutally beat Mr. Tian, and the beating made Tian lose his eyesight. Afraid of being held responsible, the vicious enforcer named Du released Mr. Tian.
  4. Wu Qun, male, 45 years old, is a doctor. One day in late May 2001, when policeman Li Qiwei forced the Dafa practitioners to praise the evil's virtues and achievements, Mr. Wu started to loudly recite "Lunyu" the preface to the book Zhuan Falun [the main book of Falun Dafa teachings] Teacher Li. Mr. Wu was beaten for reciting and then sent to the "Strict Discipline Team." Chen Zebing and Tian Xiaohai, the principal culprits in the Education Division, ordered drug addicts named Jiang Wei and Zhang Genyao to torture Mr. Wu Qun. They did not allow Mr. Wu to sleep and forced him to stand, all day long. They also forced other Dafa practitioners to recite the contents of the "Handbook for Labor Camp Inmates." Later, Mr. Wu Qun, together with two other practitioners, Mr. Li Hongfu and Mr. Zhang Qiyong, sent forth their righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, loudly recited the Fa, and completely eradicated this special method used by the "Strict Discipline Team" to persecute Dafa practitioners. Mr. Wu Qun was often brutally beaten by the "helpers and teachers," Li Wei and Zhang Genyao, for practicing the exercises. As a result, three of Mr. Wu's ribs were broken. After this incident, the guards did not punish the responsible culprits; instead, they wanted to lock Mr. Wu up in a small solitary cell. Seeing the severity of his wounds, the guard in charge of the small solitary cells dared not to admit him. The policemen had to send Mr. Wu to the labor camp hospital, where the facilities are simple and conditions are poor, hygienic condition are also poor and there is no independent, internal medicine department or surgical department; neither are there isolation areas for patients with infectious diseases. Because Mr. Wu, while he was detained in this hospital, spoke for Dafa, the hospital administrator named Liu instigated one inmate to kick Mr. Wu in his chest. The kicking broke Wu's ribs, injured his internal organs and caused internal bleeding. We think the accumulating blood pressed on the nerves and cause Mr.Wu's body to become numb from the neck down. He cannot take care of himself. Under these various dire circumstances, the vicious policemen released Wu at the end of November 2001.
  5. Meng Xuetao, male, 32 years old, is a bank accountant. After being illegally sentenced to the forced labor camp in February 2000, Mr. Meng was often brutally beaten. Because he practiced Falun Gong, he was even tortured by a method of tied up with a rope, an extremely painful torture, described as follows: [During this torture, policemen tie up the practitioner with a thin rope, circle the rope around his neck, and tie his hands behind his back. Then the enforcers would use all the strength they could muster to tighten the rope. The rope becomes tighter and tighter around the body of the practitioner, and makes it more and more difficult for him to breathe. The pain is so intense that the practitioner sometimes loses control of his bladder. There are instances when the rope was tightened enough to break a practitioner's arm.] This torture made Mr. Meng, a strong young man, partially paralyzed, and unable to walk steadily. Since Mr. Meng refused to follow instructions of 'walking in formation," the malicious policemen ordered the "helpers and teachers" to stomp on his toes, which caused his toe nails to loosen.
  6. Cao Xianlu, male, 48 years old, is a farmer. In June and July 2000, the labor camp team leader Chen Youlin tortured Mr. Cao and another practitioner, Zhang Hongxu, in the shoe factory. Chen asked Cao, "Do you still want to practice?" Cao answered, "Falun Dafa is good, so of course I will practice." Chen then used a high-voltage electric baton to shock Mr. Cao. Seeing Mr. Cao not moving at all, Chen forced Mr. Cao to squat in a water trough and then shocked him in the water until all the power of the baton was used up. People could smell the horrible odor of scorched skin and flesh from far away. Many inmates who had witnessed the scene were choked with sobs. To force Dafa practitioners to give in, Chen also forced them to stand still, all day long, jump like frogs and carry sandbags. The practitioners were called out even in the middle of night and asked, "Do you still want to practice?" If the answers were "Yes" the practitioners would be thrown into the outhouses to "feed the mosquitoes." In November 2000, Mr. Cao Xianlu was transferred to the Education Division, where a depraved policeman named Chen Zebing and his accomplices severely beat Mr. Cao many times and made Mr. Cao lose consciousness many times. Mr. Cao had suffered from liver cancer before he started to practice Falun Gong and at that time he always lay in bed and could not do any work. After he attained the Fa he soon regained his health and could even work in a quarry all day long without feeling tired. It is Dafa that restored his health. However, today, under the brutal persecution, he is very weak and even has difficulty walking.
  7. Liu Mao, male, 26 years old, is a farmer. In December 2001, the malevolent policeman Gao Ding tied Mr. Liu up to a specially made cross.
  8. Mu Nenghui, male, 33 years old, is a farmer. Since he refused to sing the songs that praise the evil's virtues and accomplishments, Mr. Mu was forced to stand in the burning sun until he fainted.
  9. Han Yiming, male, 45 years old, is a lecturer from the College of Arts at Southwest Normal University. Because while in the Strict Discipline Team he had erased words on the blackboard that slandered Falun Dafa, the heinous policeman Du Yi instigated the inmates to brutally beat Mr. Han. The beating resulted in a big cut on Mr. Han's lip.
  10. Xie Jin, male, 28 years old, is a lecturer from Chongqing City's Institute of Mails and Telecommunications. In the Strict Discipline Team Mr. Xie was beaten on the buttocks 50 times with a rubber club. The next day, he had a fever as high as 41o C [105.8o F].
  11. Because they refused to wear the labor camp inmate uniforms, Mr. Tang Yi and Mr. Liu Jibing were often severely beaten by the "helpers and teachers," including Chen Shengyu, Qin Gongwen, He Weidong and others. These beatings made Mr. Tang and Mr. Liu vomit blood.
  12. Wang Zhengrong, male, is about 50 years old. Since he could not endure the torture of the "helpers and teachers" anymore, he hit his head against the wall.

Torture Methods File:

1. Leifeng Tower. It is a room used by enforcers from the "Strict Discipline Team" to torture the prisoners both physically and mentally in the most vicious way. This room is used even more for torturing Dafa practitioners. Inside Leifeng Tower it is so dark that one cannot even see his fingers. Its floor is covered with water over one inch deep. There is a stone bed inside (a slab of stones used for a sleeping platform), which is so wet that no one can sleep on it. Rats and snakes are the frequent visitors of this place. Since some people died there before, this place is often haunted. The labor camp inmates are very afraid of staying inside Leifeng Tower. Anyone who comes out from there after confinement would look mentally distraught. Dafa practitioner Mr. Han Yiming was confined there for 7 days. Mr. Kang Hong was handcuffed to a fixture inside for three days and three nights; he was not allowed even to use the toilet, so he had to pass urine and have bowel movement inside his pants. Three days later, when other practitioners took him out of there he was at the verge of death and his hands and feet were festering.

2. Tying with a rope. This is another ruthless torture method use by the "Strict Discipline Team." During torture called "tying with a rope," both arms of the victim would become severely torn and lacerated. The ropes cut into the flesh. In the least severe situation, this torture makes the victim's hands cold and numb for several months, while in the severest cases it would make the victims permanently disabled. Dafa practitioners, the gentlemen named Kang Hong, Li Xiangdong, Han Yiming, Zhou Jian, Chen Jian, Li Chunyuan and Meng Xuetao all have been tortured in this brutal way. Among them, Mr. Li Xiangdong and Mr. Kang Hong were twice "tied with ropes."

In November 2001, a few people from the Central Government Propaganda Bureau came to the labor camp and tried to secretly find some people they could use for their purpose. The policemen tricked the practitioners into a classroom where the Propaganda Bureau people secretly took several photos of the practitioners in order to use these photos to deceive people and cover up the facts of their persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. In the labor camp, Dafa practitioners' voices cannot be heard whatsoever. In addition, they were deprived of their rights of seeing visiting relatives and sending and receiving letters.

The following are some of the retributions that the ruffians in the Xishanping Force Labor Camp have received:

1. Chu Ming, a drug addict, over 30 years old, mercilessly beat Dafa practitioners and slandered Dafa many times. After he was released from the labor camp in 2001, he died of a lung cancer.

2. Lu Shan, a drug addict, 28 years old, mercilessly beat Dafa practitioners and slandered Dafa many times. In the fall of 2001, one week later after he was transferred from the Education Team to an outside work site, someone killed him.

3. Lao Can, an associate team leader, slandered Dafa many times. In October 2000, he died as a result of a traffic accident.

4. Tian Xin, education section chief, had repetitively plotted and participated in the persecution against the practitioners. On May 13, 2001, when he was brutally beating Dafa practitioner Mr. Tan Hongyi who had been on a hunger strike, a vein in Tian's right palm suddenly broke and the blood came out and splashed everywhere.

5. Li Qiwei, a policeman in the Education Division, often read articles from newspapers or magazines that slandered Dafa. He also often viciously beat Dafa practitioners. In August 2001, a polyp appeared inside his throat and he could hardly speak. However, this ruffian still does not wake up from the retribution and continues committing evildoings.

In fact, some "helpers and teachers" no longer wanted to persecute Falun Gong practitioners who do not fight back when beaten or insulted. Some of them said, "I do have no other choice. As long as the Chinese ruling dictator is in power, he will use us to make your daily lives miserable." The family members of one of the "helpers and teachers" came to visit and said to the inmate, "You should not beat those Falun Gong practitioners. Actually, we are more than hoping that you learn from them and give up your habit of drug addiction."

Following is a list of names of the vicious policemen and their particular deeds in their merciless persecution of Dafa practitioners:

1. Tian Xin, the chief of the education section, is very sinister and ruthless and has plotted and many times participated in the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

2. Chen Zebing, the former Education Division political instructor, was promoted and transferred to the labor camp headquarters in December 2001 for his "contributions" in persecuting Dafa practitioners. This person is especially ruthless when torturing Dafa practitioners. After drinking liquor, he often gets wild in beating Dafa practitioners and cursing Dafa.

3. Li Yong is especially active in mentally torturing Dafa practitioners.

4. Gao Ding is the one who is most active in persecuting Dafa practitioners. When Mr. Li Zetao was tortured to death, Gao viciously said, "He deserves it." It was his idea to tie Mr. Liu Mao to a cross. He even threatened 17 year-old Dafa practitioner, young Mr. Mei Liang, "If you do not transform(give up Dafa) you will be in pain every day and you will be the most painful person in the world."

5. Li Qiwei has ruthlessly tortured Dafa practitioners both physically and mentally many times. He also slandered and cursed Dafa.

6. Zhou Benzong instructed the "helpers and teachers" to be ruthless when beating Dafa practitioners.

7. Chen Jianping, a medical doctor in the labor camp, has repeatedly participated in force-feeding Dafa practitioners. He mixed spoiled soybean milk powder into the liquid food to be used for force-feeding. After force-feeding, many Dafa practitioners developed diarrhea. He also violently inserted the force-feeding tubes into the practitioners' noses and throats, which resulted in bleeding from the nose and injuries to the esophagus of many force-fed practitioners. The force-feeding scenes were so horrible that people dared not to watch.

In the middle December 2001, the Education Division called in some policemen from other teams and began a new round of persecution against Dafa practitioners. Mr. Wang Zhenrong was first confined in a small solitary cell and then transferred to the Strict Discipline Team. The gentlemn Lin Decai, Zhang Jianfeng, Zhang Hongxu, Chen Jianhua and other practitioners were often brutally beaten when they tried to protect Dafa.

Here we appeal to all the kindhearted people in the world, the human rights organizations in every country and the legal professions: Please pay attention to the sufferings of Dafa practitioners in Chongqing City's Xishanping Force Labor Camp. At the same time, we hope Dafa practitioners from all over the world will send forth their righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the evil factors behind the persecution against Dafa practitioners in the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp.


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