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Lawless Authorities in Pingdu Are Robbing, Kidnapping and Beating of Falun Dafa Practitioners

February 17, 2002 |  


At midnight on July 23, 2001, led by Village Party Secretary Zhao Yanke and Administrative Assistant Zhao Yongjun, twelve policemen from Renzhao Town Police Station broke into the house of Falun Dafa practitioner Dai Juye. They handcuffed her, searched her entire house and found and robbed her of 180 Yuan and a tape recorder. The police then kidnapped her. Next, these villains broke into Dafa practitioner Zhao Yougong's house because Zhao had been to Beijing to appeal to the central Government on behalf of Falun Gong. They handcuffed his wife and threatened to beat her if she screamed out. They searched the entire house and took away 1200 Yuan. The couple's children were so frightened that they ran out and away from the house. The police also took away the family's color TV set.

On the evening of July 24, these bandits again, led by Zhao Yanke and Zhao Yongjun, broke into Zhao Mingxiang's house by entering through a window. They handcuffed his sleeping daughter. They searched the entire house, kidnapped Zhao Lin and took away their tape player. These police then broke into Dafa practitioner Zhang Yuyin's house where they beat and arrested her. They took her motorcycle and tape player. They then jumped over a wall to break into Dafa practitioners Sun Jiahui and Sun Kelin's house. Sun Kelin had also been to Beijing to appeal. They attacked his wife and took away his color TV set. These Dafa practitioners who were kidnapped or arrested, were all sent to the Pingdu Pantao Brainwashing Class.

On August 26, Zhao Weiping learned that his wife would be coming back from the Brainwashing Class the following day. That evening, Liang Huashong, who is disabled, went to Zhao Yanke's house to inquire more about it. Zhao Yanke started cursing and tried to avoid him. Zhao Yanke grabbed a horse iron and then a thermos to hit Liange Huashong. Zhao Yanke's wife closed the door and called his father, mother, and younger brother, Daliang, to come over. They also invited Yu Shuyan, the director of Women's Affairs, her husband Zhao Mingjing, Zhao Yangong and his wife. After they all arrived, Zhao Yanke, his wife and Zhao Yangong's wife began to torture Liang Huashong until he was on the brink of losing consciousness. They used a small hoe, wooden stick and harshly struck his face. Zhao Weiping's elbow swelled and bloodstains covered his clothes. Zhao Yanke called the Rentao Police Station and falsely claimed that two Falun Gong practitioners were causing trouble in his house. Just a little while later a police car brought 5 or 6 more people. They entered the house and Ce Wenjun, one of those that came in the police car, started to attack the two practitioners with a police truncheon. Len Fuxiu and Mr. Dai were among the attackers. Since Zhao Yanke's wife was afraid that someone might get killed, she stopped the torture. By then, Liang Huashong's leg had been broken and he had lost consciousness from the inflicted torture. He was dragged into the street by ZhaoYanke and Daliang. After the practitioners had left, the villains continued to follow and spy on them. They were afraid of that others would find out what they had done. Zhao Yanke would contine to make calls to bully and threaten those who were "in the know".

Good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil. Whoever persecutes Falun Dafa will be warned and punished. If they cannot awake in time, what is waiting for them is something terrible.

Renzhao Town Police Station Tel: 0532(area code)-3381025 (day time)