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Latest News from China - 02/08/2002

February 16, 2002 |  


  1. [Shandong Province] Administrative & Law Officials Openly Announce Continuation of Falun Gong Persecution
  2. Some Administrative & Law (A&L) officials of Shandong province emphasized at the provincial A&L Commissioners Meeting in Yantai City the importance of continuing the persecution of Falun Gong. That task was given highest priority.

  3. [Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] A Senior Practitioner at No.20 Neighborhood of Yonghong District is Kidnapped and Illegally Detained by Police
  4. Xinli Police Station kidnapped Mr. Sun, a senior practitioner living at No. 20 Neighborhood of Yonghong District in the Jiamusi City, after 5 p.m. on 2/3/02. Mr. Sun is currently being illegally detained there.

    Zhao Yuli, Xinli Police Station Director.

    Zhao Zhongqiang, police officer involved.

  5. [Heilongjiang Province] Officials at Jiansanjiang Agriculture Administration Bureau Relentlessly Persecutes Practitioners
  6. Since 7/22/99, officials at Jiansanjiang Agriculture Administration Bureau have escalated their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. For a long time they have illegally detained many practitioners and sent them to farms where they are subjected to abusive labor. The officials have also kidnapped practitioners and sent then to forced labor camps in Jiamusi City and Suihua City, where they are tortured.

    Male practitioner She Huaizhong, formerly a captain in the provincial armed forces, was detained at a local detention center on 7/20/99 and then sent to Suihua Forced Labor Camp for two years. He was finally released in September or October of 2001.

    Two other practitioners, Mr. Tian Baoyu and Mr. Shi Mongchang, were illegally detained on 7/20/99 at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp for two years and then set free. Because Mr. She, Mr. Tian, and Mr. Shi were determined practitioners, they were thrown into jail at Jiansanjiang Police Station by the Public Security Bureau. Due to the strong protest of their family members and demands of the local practitioners, these three practitioners were released. Later the officials arrested them with the excuse of their violating a bureau ordinance against gathering. The three practitioners would not yield to the persecution of the old evil forces and went on a hunger strike. After 10 days, they were allowed to go home. However, they were later kidnapped and taken to Suihua Forced Labor Camp in late January for forced labor.

  7. [Beijing] Shunyi Policemen Kidnap Practitioners
  8. On 2/02/2002, Shunyi "610 Office" tried to "invite" the two practitioners just released from Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp and Xin-an Forced Labor Camp to the office for a "spring tea gathering." These two practitioners refused the invitation. Next day, Shuyi Public Security's Renhe Police Station sent four policemen to forcibly take the two men and illegally hold them at the police station. When family members asked why the practitioners were being detained, the police hastily made up false excuses for the arbitrary arrests.

    We recommend that all practitioners be firm in our righteous thoughts when eliminating the evil. Let's make the old forces and their plots to persecute Dafa and practitioners vanish into thin air.

  9. [Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province] Practitioner Zhang Yuntao Kidnapped by Police for Clarifying the Truth
  10. Practitioner Mr. Zhang Yuntao was a worker at the No.504 Power Plant of Panzhihua City. He distributed pamphlets of his personal cultivation practice experiences and truth-clarifying literature about the Self-Immolation and Fu Yibin's news story to his co-workers. On 1/09/2002, Mr. Zhang was illegally arrested by the plant's security team.

    Mr. Zhang's case received a lot of attention from the plant workers. It is said that he is still detained as a criminal, but his whereabouts are unknown.

  11. [Baoding City, Hebei Province] Practitioner Ma Yulu Is Arrested and Detained
  12. Practitioner Ma Yulu, male, 42 years old, was forcefully arrested by the New City District Public Security Bureau on 1/20/2002. He is now detained at the Baoding city jail.

    Baoding City New City District Public Security Bureau: Telephone 86-312-313-7313

    Security Police Office: 86-312-311-0709

    City Jail: 86-312-501-5804

    Jail Administration: 86-312-503-3472

  13. [Guilin City, Guangxi Province] Police Kidnap Two Practitioners at Rongjiang Village in Xingan County
  14. Around midnight of 2/01/2002, policemen from the public security of Rongjiang Village forced their way into the house of practitioner Mr. Zhuang and kidnapped him and his daughter. They, and other practitioners, were escorted to a forced labor camp. Two of the detained practitioners each have one-year-old babies.

    The perpetrators include:

    Mr. Zhang Yuanbin, Xingan County's Administration &Law Secretary General and Mr. Zhong Funeng, Public Security Bureau. Mr. Zhong was promoted for his ability to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. When questioned about the kidnapping, he shamelessly lied by saying he knew nothing about it. Lawless and wicked people shall receive due retribution from the heavens!