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Flash: The Analysis of The Slow Motion of CCTV's Self-immolation Program

February 14, 2002 |  


1.á Is it a murder or suicide?

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    When Ms. Liu Chunling was struggling in the flames, someone used a heavy object and struck her head. Ms. Liu then fell.

    The heavy object was broken by the force of from the blow and bounced rapidly off of the victim's head.

    A policeman wearing an overcoat was standing at the place where the blow seemed to start.

2.á Were they putting out the fire or just acting in a play?

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The fire blanket police held was hanging down motionless. It seemed just like a prop for on a film set.

Where was the big feature taken from a very close distance come from?

Mr. Wang Jingdong's even hairline and face appears like he was wearing a wig or mask.

The Wang Jingdong in the government self-immolation footage has a round ear shape.

The Wang Jingdong before the self-immolation had long ear shape. The Wang Jingdong in the video is an imposter.

Wang Jingdong sat on the floor in the standard crossing-legs pose of a typical Chinese solider.

Somebody suspected that Wang Jingdong in the video was a security agent used for this purpose.

Xinhua News Agency said that Wang Jingdong had been burned severely. However, the plastic bottle filled with gasoline between his legs was actually in good condition without having been melted or exploded from the heat of the flame. It looked like it was just for display and effect only.