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Falun Dafa Practitioners Alleged to Have Interrupted TV Programming Stand Firm and Are Tortured in Court

December 09, 2002 |  

December 2, 2002


I. A Practitioner Exposes a Lie to the Public

During the trial of Falun Dafa practitioners on September 18, 2002, practitioner Liang Zhenxing clarified the truth about the evil persecution. A slanderous article appearing in Changchun Daily on July 22 created a rumor that all the technology and operating procedures for interrupting TV programming were obtained from the Minghui website [The Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net]. This was allegedly confessed by Liang Zhenxing. Liang repeatedly exposed this lie in court, stating, "All I have said was that the Minghui website had reported cases in which Falun Dafa truth-clarification programs were broadcast using cable networks, not that it provided any technology." Hundreds of people in the court witnessed Liang's truth-clarification.

II. Conflicting Reports of the Same Case in the Same Newspaper

The so-called "Candid Report" of Changchun Daily on September 21, stated that Liu Weiming, who allegedly knew the most about technology among the group of practitioners, taught others the technology related to interrupting TV programs. However, a reprint of a People's Daily commentary on another page of the same newspaper repeated an often used lie by saying, "The TV program interruption technology and all the detailed arrangements were done under the instruction of overseas Falun Gong practitioners."

III. The Trial of Falun Dafa Practitioners Was the Most Evil Persecution

During their trial on September 18, the practitioners were not allowed to defend Falun Dafa in court. Instead, they were subject to brutal persecution. As soon as any Falun Dafa practitioner said, "Falun Dafa is good," or pointed out any rumor or slander of Falun Dafa by the government, or gave any example of illegal torture and extortion of Falun Dafa practitioners, he or she would be taken out of the courtroom and tortured. Some practitioners were beaten four or five times during the session. After the court adjourned, each one of the practitioners was taken to a different room and beaten with electric batons by seven or eight policemen. Chen Yanmei and Liang Zhenxing were injured the most seriously. They had to be carried back to their cells at the detention center.

With their hands cuffed behind their backs, the Falun Dafa practitioners were brought back to a second court session only one day later. Each practitioner was taken to a room labeled the "Reprimanding Room" and shocked with electric batons without any explanation. The police asked, "Will you shut up in the court?" as they carried out the torture. The Falun Dafa practitioners rolled on the floor with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Liu Chengjun and Chen Yanmei were injured the worst, but even after being tortured for a long time, they still refused to give up. A few policemen told the people later, "I finally saw some people who are steadfast in defending their belief. I admire them." Chen Yanmei shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" in the middle of her trial, but her mouth was covered up immediately and she was dragged out for more torture before she could finish her words. She didn't appear again during the court session, and it is unknown whether she is still alive. None of the Falun Dafa practitioners was allowed to speak during the second session. They were taken to different rooms after the court adjourned. Their hands were grabbed and they were forced to stamp a fingerprint on some paperwork while being told, "You made this fingerprint by yourself." Because their hands were cuffed behind their backs, they could not see the contents of the paperwork. Liu Chenjun had the worst injuries. He had to be carried back to his cell, because a policeman had shot him in the leg. Liang Zhenxing also had to be carried back to his cell.