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The Persecution of Beijing Falun Dafa Practitioner Liu Yongwang

December 28, 2002 |  


Liu Yongwang was kidnapped in Shanghai on September 15th, 2001 and has been detained for more than a year. In mid-December of 2001, Liu was transferred to Baodin Labor Camp, Hebei province. At that time, he had been on a hunger strike for about 3 months. The blood that was drawn from his body was black, and his veins were half collapsed. It became very difficult to administer intravenous injections to Liu. On one occasion, several doctors tried more than ten times before the injection was successfully administered. By early 2002, Liu had been on a hunger strike for 110 days. At this point, he had lost much of his muscle mass. The muscles around his wrists and face had withered so much that it looked like skin wrapped around bare bones. In addition, his body weight had dropped from about 165 lbs to about 94 lbs. Liu could still move his upper body, but his lower body had become so weak that he needed two people to help him walk. Liu's voice also changed drastically: he sounded like an elementary school girl with a coarse voice. Liu lost consciousness many times while he was on hunger strike. At one point, he slipped into a coma after he had endured several hours of torture. He had been tortured in many different ways but he never given in.

Liu's health improved slightly after he started to eat, but he was still very weak.

Half a month ago, Liu was transferred from Baodin Balizhuang Forced Labor Camp to the sixth team in Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp, Hebei province. To protest the persecution, Liu is once again on a hunger strike. We hope all Falun Dafa practitioners who read this article will send forth righteous thoughts to help Liu escape from this evil den. We also hope international human rights organizations will support and help rescue Liu Yongwang.

Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp Telephone Number: 86-315-3365895

Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp Administration Office Telephone Number: 86-315-2868965, 86-315-2861431, 86-315-2862477, 86-315-2861363.

Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp (Tangshan City Labor Camp) Direct Number: 86-315-2861363

Sixth Team of Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp: 86-315-2861363

Kaiping No. 1 Forced Labor Camp, Tangshan City, Hebei Province Numbers:

Administrator: 86-315-3362702 (office), 86-315-2020980 (home)

Political director: 86-315-3368810 (office), 86-315-2037944 (home)

Assistant chief: 86-13001417678 (cell)