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Reports of Persecution in Hainan Province

December 19, 2002 |  


During the 16th Party Congress in China, many Falun Dafa practitioners in Hainan Province were abducted.

Since October 31, the employees of Hainan Sanye Tire Company and Hainan Sanye Printing Factory have collaborated with the Nongken Public Security Bureau to abduct Falun Dafa practitioners Han Huifang, Chen Fangjuan, Lin Zhuoqing and Xiao Li. Han Huifang and Chen Fangjuan were sent to the Hainan Female Labor Camp. The whereabouts of Lin Zhuoqing and Xiao Li are unknown. One practitioner escaped with his family's assistance.

Chen Yan, Cao Yaming and Chen Huifrom Hainan were among those from the Sanye Tire Company who abducted the Dafa practitioners.

Wang Xuehui from Hainan Province, male, 25 years old, also cooperated with authorities to persecute Dafa practitioners. Wang Xuehui is a tour guide. He practiced the exercises at the practice sites of the Haikou Song and Dance Troupe. As a result of his cooperation, local practitioners have been arrested and material sites have been destroyed.

The telephone number for Wang Xuehui is 86-898-68590113 or 86-898-68179853.

The following is an account of one Hainan Dafa practitioner who has been persecuted:

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner living in Hainan Province. On October 1, 2001, I went home to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival (a traditional Chinese festival similar to Thanksgiving.) On my way home, I was beaten by two policemen who later dragged me to the police substation. They found nearly thirty copies of truth-clarifying materials in my seat cushion. Immediately, the policemen tied me up. Later they sent me to a forced labor camp, where I was illegally detained. For three or four nights in a row, the police directed four or five prisoners to take turns beating me. My chest and back were swollen and I was bruised all over.