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Elderly Female Falun Dafa Practitioner Gu Xingzhi Passes Away from Brutal Force-Feeding at the Miyi County Detention Center in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province (Photo)

December 18, 2002 |  


On April 2, 2002, the police abducted Falun Dafa practitioner Gu Xingzhi and sent her to the Miyi County Detention Center. Because she went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution, she was brutally force-fed for a month. Her condition became so serious that she was sent to the hospital on October 4, 2002. By then it was too late to save her. She passed away that evening.

Gu Xingzhi, female, 64 years old, was a farmer in Huilong Town, Miyi County, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. She was born on lunar calendar September 19, 1938.

On April 2, 2002, Gu Xingzhi was posting flyers in Miyi County, Panzhihua City, to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. The police abducted her and brought her to the Political Security Office. Then they went to her home and stole 8000 Yuan [16 months' salary for an average urban worker] of her son's money. They told the family that they would have to pay another 2000 Yuan in order to get her released. At the Political Security Office, they brutally beat her. Then the police sent her to the Miyi County Detention Center. Because she went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution, they force-fed her for one month. On October 4, 2002, when the officials noticed that her condition had become quite serious, they sent her to the hospital in an attempt to save her life. However, it was too late, and she passed away that evening.

After her death, the police notified her family that they could come and see the body. The police lied to her family, saying that Ms. Gu died from a cerebral hemorrhage. They claimed that their rescue efforts were in vain. Her family thought this explanation was very suspicious, and that the police seemed to be hiding something. The police were afraid that their crimes would be exposed, so they urged the family to send the body to be cremated. Her family strongly opposed this idea. They insisted on taking the body home. The police then forced Ms. Gu's family members to be finger printed, and to write a promise that they would not make trouble for the police, that they would not tell people that Ms. Gu had been tortured to death, that they would not disclose any information, and that they would bury the body before a certain number of days passed. Then, 6 policemen (3 from the political security office, and 3 from the Town Station) escorted her family, with her body, back home. They closely monitored her home until the funeral. They would not allow any other Falun Dafa practitioners to come to the funeral. After October 5, the day of the funeral, they left.

Everyone who knew Ms. Gu knows that she was very healthy. Ten days before her death, when her family went to visit her at the detention center, she could only walk with the help of two people. She was so weak that she could not speak a single word. She even lost feeling in her legs and could not tell when her shoe fell off behind her.

Main people responsible for the persecution:

Xiang Jinfa (Police Station Political Security Office), Liu Taiming (Head of County Police Station), phone number, 86-812-8171988.