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Police: "For a Few People to Die at Our Hands Means Nothing"

December 15, 2002 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Shijiazhuang City Police Department, Qiaodong Branch in Hebei Province formed a so-called "Special Task Force" to persecute Dafa practitioners. The nine-member team kidnapped Dafa practitioners Wang Yinke, Zhao Weimin, Niu Minjie, Ma Huibin and Ma's wife. Fearing that their crimes would be exposed, they rented rooms in hotels or motels in which they set up devices to brutally torture Dafa practitioners. They said that it would be nothing if a few people died at their hands. Backing from the Jiang regime makes them fearless and emboldens them to apply extremely cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners.

On the morning of October 30, 2002, they arrested Dafa practitioner Jin Ping (pseudonym). However, she has been able to get away since then.

Let's send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions that are manipulating the Shijiazhuang police.

Please add 86-311 (country code plus area code) before dialing the following numbers:

Director of Shijiazhuang City Police Department Qiaodong Branch: Zhang Guangzhi,

Office: 6031299, Home: 3625326, Pager: 7026118-1618.

Chief of Political Committee: Xing Linyong, Office: 6033096, Home: 3010266, Pager: 7026118-1702.

Deputy Director Zhang Gang, Office: 6987040, Home: 6983166.
Deputy Director Wang Shaowei, Office: 6038828, Home: 3624999.
Deputy Director Hao Fushun, Office: 6031202, Home: 6070582.
Deputy Director Cao Zhanzhong, Office: 6989560, Home: 6989657.
Deputy Director Li Jianan, Office: 6989561, Home: 6971618.
Deputy Director Cui Shaobo, Office: 6979889, Home: 4623749.

December 7, 2002